10 Useful Things You Should Have In Your Nightstand

Mid year is usually the season of change – school’s out, weather is changing, leases are up and many of us are look back on how we’ve fared in the first half of the year. This is the perfect chance (or excuse) to upgrade some elements in your house. One commonly overlooked area in your room is the nightstand. Other than chargers and random bits and bobs, nightstands aren’t utilised to their full potential. They make for great storage, especially of things that can give you a great night’s sleep. Here’s our list of 10 useful things you should have in your nightstand, from the true essentials to frivolous treat-yourself-items that spark joy.

A Flask or Glass of Water

Whether due to the weather or last night’s dinner, some of us might have found ourselves waking up thirsty in the middle of the night. Walking to the kitchen for a glass of water might wake you up “too much” to go back to sleep. Restarting your sleep cycle at an odd timing might also leave you feeling groggy and not refreshed the next morning. Keeping a glass or flask of water on your nightstand right by your bed will help you quench your thirst effortlessly and allow you to get back to sleep much more easily

Sleep Accessories

Sleep soundly with a soft eye mask that will help you block out light and ensure that your eyes are closed throughout the night. If you’re a light sleeper, you might also want to invest in a pair of ear plugs that can block out loud sounds. Storing them in your nightstand gives you easy access for when you’re ready for some shut-eye. Be sure to wash them regularly to keep your skin and eyes protected from germs and dust from your nightstand.

Book or Journal

Making journaling a part of our daily unwind routine before bed has greatly improved our quality of sleep here at Rawbought. Taking 15-30min to reflect on the day you’ve had and clear your mind of the clutter you’ve accumulated helps your mind to quiet down and get in the mood for sleep. Reading in bed can also help you to destimulate your mind before bed. If you’re a vivid dreamer and want to still remember them when you wake up the next morning, your nightstand is a great place to keep your dream journal handy.


Arguably the most important lifestyle accessories in our lives, we are nothing without our chargers. Those grappling with charging multiple things like your phone, watches, earphones etc. can consider investing in a multi-charge device or a charging mat that can keep your nightstand neat and cable-free. While using your phone in bed especially before bedtime isn’t encouraged, keeping it within arm’s length on your nightstand can help keep it safe and handy for emergencies.


You’ve gotten all nice and cosy in bed and you suddenly remember – you have medication to take, and it’s all the way in the other room. You’re somehow never as comfortable as you just were before you had to lug yourself back out of bed to take your medication. Your nightstand is a very convenient place to keep your medication and vitamins, especially if you’re a person that tends to forget to do so.


With bedside lamps, you can say good night to stumbling in the dark or falling asleep with the lights on. Keeping a lamp on your nightstand allows you to see in the dark without having to get up from bed or waking up your bed partner with your bright room lights. Multi-purpose lamps that come with charging ports, plants and even alarm clocks can help you keep your nightstand clutter-free if you’re the minimalist type.


On the nights when you have just enough energy to fall into bed and curl up, having some essential pieces of skincare like the odd moisturizer, hand balm and lip balm in your nightstand can ensure that you’re still caring for your skin, even if it’s not your usual multi-step routine.

Sleep scents

Keeping all your senses engaged for sleep is essential for a good night’s sleep. Keeping a few lightly scented items like candles and fabric sprays handy in your nightstand can help you wind down and induce sleep more easily.

Alarm Clock

Did you know that dedicated alarm clocks are much better for your sleep and overall health than using your phone as one? Using an actual clock allows you to disconnect from your phone and gradually reduce your over-dependence and attachment to your phone. Checking your notifications as soon as your eyes open can also cause your mood to be negatively affected. You can even have some fun with your alarm clock, with ones that need you stand up or chase after to switch off!

Intimate accessories

We all know that it takes a lot for us ladies to get in the mood and very little to pull us out of it. Keeping your intimate accessories like sex toys, condoms and contraceptives within arm’s length in your nightstand just makes it that much easier for you to look after your sexual health. Though, if you have children and don’t want them to find your accessories, you might want to consider keeping them in a locked drawer instead.

Your nightstand should have essentials that serve to make your life simpler and more convenient. Ensure that your nightstand fits the overall aesthetic of your room, and avoid cluttering it up. Getting ones with drawers and small compartments will allow you to store more away, and keep the top neat and tidy!