How to care for your Carezza PJs

Lace has been the epitome of romance, grace and sensuality for centuries. Its delicate openwork patterns give you a wonderfully feminine look as they sit lightly on your skin.

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Usually made out of cotton, linen, nylon or rayon, lace fabric is airy and breathable – perfect for lingerie and sleepwear.

Due to its intricate patterns and fragile threads, lace is a fabric has to be handled with utmost care. Usually, one has to use high-quality soap and delicate handwashing and drying techniques in order to ensure the longevity of your lace apparel and appliques.

Carezza Collection

Our Carezza Lace Collection is made out of buttery-soft modal fabric, including the delicate lace trimmings that adorn the sleeves and shorts. As it is a semi-synthetic material that is far more durable than regular lace fabric, our lace PJs are a breeze to care for.

Caring for Carezza

The Carezza Lace Collection does not need to be dry cleaned and can be washed and tumbled dried as usual in washing machines. The durability of modal fabric allows it to resist shrinkage and takes colour well, allowing your lace PJs to look and feel as good as new for longer.

Ensure that your Carezza PJs are not washed with apparel that have hooks or sharp elements, to avoid snagging the lace trimmings.

Bleaching and ironing is not recommended as it can weaken the fabric and shorten the lifespan of your PJs.

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How Pyjamas can help improve your sleep and overall health

Your physical and mental balance is highly sensitive and can be tipped by many things, from your usual suspects: eating right and regular exercise, to the lesser known elements e.g. your pyjamas. Yes, your pyjamas. A pair of comfy PJs can do you more good than you realise.

As the lines start to blur between our working, relaxation and sleep hours, pyjamas have come to mean “anything that you don’t wear out of the house”. While an old, oversized T-shirt might be convenient, the benefits of having dedicated sleepwear far outweigh that. We believe that your sleepwear should be conscious choice you make, for your health and wellbeing.

Let’s take a look at how your pyjamas can actually help improve your sleep and overall health!

Pyjamas tell your body that it’s time for rest

While pyjamas are (generally) not sentient, wearing them before you head to bed does help your brain make the association between your pyjamas and sleep. This then signals your body to start winding down and preparing for sleep.

When your body is adequately prepared for bedtime, you naturally fall asleep more quickly. Your quality of sleep also remains high as your brain is “ready” to rest and quiets itself down. Having a relaxing bed-time routine also has a big impact on the quality of your sleep, and your overall health.

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A good set of pyjamas ensures undisturbed sleep

T-shirts and shirts that you repurpose as sleepwear were not made to be worn to bed, but for activities during your waking hours. As such, the materials used might not be entirely suitable for sleep – from stifling fits and fabrics to awkwardly bulky buttons that dig into your skin.

Ever woken up sweating or freezing, because the weather changed during the night? What you wore to bed played a huge part in your body’s reaction to the change in temperature.

Your body’s core temperature dips while you’re asleep and increases when you’re about to wake up as a result of your natural circadian rhythm that regulates your sleep-wake cycles.

Your sensitivity to temperatures also changes when you’re asleep, with your environment and clothing being the largest trigger for that. Sleepwear is specifically designed for you in your sleeping hours, by taking into consideration what your body experiences through the night. Usually made from soft, breathable fabric without obtrusive elements, pyjamas help regulate your body temperature to help you stay asleep.

Pyjamas should make you feel good inside and out

Your feelings and emotions right before fall asleep can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep and even on your dreams. If you’re feeling down, stressed, or not particularly positive in any way, you might find yourself struggling to fall asleep or waking up tired and not fully rested.

Affirming yourself through nightly reflections, a dedicated self-care night routine, or even choosing a set of pyjamas that make you feel cosy or sexy are some ways you can improve your mood before you head to bed.

If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, you can start with our Je Dors collection! Available in 4 styles, our PJs are made of buttery soft modal that is light, soft and breathable, feeling heavenly on your skin. From soft, feminine pastel colours to bright hues that add a little pop of colour to your night, the Je Dors pyjamas are comfy yet flattering, to boost your mood and confidence in bed. After all, feeling good on the inside can sometimes be sparked by looking good on the outside.

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Lace, The Epitome of Romance

Lace, the fabric that embodies elegance, femininity and romance in every thread. Lace can effortlessly make a style statement; no matter what you’re wearing, lace immediately elevates your look, and makes you feel delicate and beautiful from within. 

Rawbought Carezza Lace Collection in black. For Journal, Lace, the Epitome of Romanced.


Lace has played a critical role in fashion ever since its origins in the 16th century. It has a unique web-like pattern made from yarn or thread, with a distinct web-like open pattern.

Lace has historically represented class and beauty ever since it rose to popularity, because of the amount of time, effort and precision that it took to produce this delicate fabric. This made it a very expensive fabric, made and worn only by royalty in the past.

While technological advancements have made this textile more accessible and ubiquitous, the luxurious feel and look has not diminished one bit.

Benefits of Lace

Lace is timeless. It looks stunning and romantic both on its own and as appliques and statement elements on apparel. It’s also a wonderfully versatile fabric, an ideal choice for both formal and casual clothes, inner and outer wear.

Lace is also an airy and breathable fabric usually made out of cotton, linen, nylon or rayon. Its openwork patterns give it a light texture that sits softly on your skin.

Uses of Lace

Sheer and delicate, lace evokes romance, grace and sensuality that never goes out of style. Hence, the fabric is usually used in typically feminine apparel such as wedding gowns, lingerie and even sleepwear, for those who like a little more flair.

The Carezza Set

Look like a million bucks in bed this Valentine’s Day in our newest lace sleepwear collection – the Carezza Short Set. Italian for caress, the Carezza Set is all kinds of dreamy with a touch of luxury. Made of buttery-soft modal fabric, the Carezza Short Set dials up the romance with delicate lace trimmings that sit beautifully against your skin. Available in True Black, Desert Sand and Samba, every day can be Valentine’s Day with the Carezza Set, designed to make you look and feel sexy.  

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