3 reasons why you should pay more importance to lingerie

Rawbought Kiri Seamless lingerie, black set. For the blog article, reasons to pay more importance to lingerie

From growing into your curves as an adolescent to keeping up with motherhood and beyond, your body is ever-evolving. And your lingerie should evolve with you, boosting your confidence when you need it, supporting you from within as you conquer your day.

Many of us look at our lingerie purely for day-to-day utility and shy away from certain styles and designs, considering them too risqué and indulgent for something that is worn under your clothes. We believe that your lingerie is deeply tethered to your emotions and confidence, and should pay more careful consideration in your sartorial choices.

We take a look at the reasons why you should pay more importance to your lingerie.


Lingerie in pop culture has a narrow definition. The image of a svelte lady in matching lacy inner wear is one of the first things many of us associate with lingerie. Here at Rawbought, we believe that lingerie should first and foremost be about comfort, which can look different to different people. It’s about how you feel when you put on that set of lingerie – and not just about the physical comfort i.e. the straps, wires and elastics. Do you feel empowered and confident? Does it give you a sense of peace and freedom? We believe that lingerie is not all about sexy lace and uncomfortable straps – it should be about feeling good and comfortable in your second skin. It’s important to explore your tastes in lingerie to find sets that speak to your soul, no matter the occasion or outfit.


As something that you wear every single day, your lingerie should be deeply in tune with your physical health. It’s important to wear lingerie that is well-constructed and provides adequate support. As it sits directly on your skin, you should ensure that your lingerie is made out of good quality materials that do not harm or irritate your skin.

Many of us are guilty of this – wearing old bras and underwear that do not fit anymore, either for sentimental or financial reasons, or just out of plain laziness. Too-tight bras can result in real pain in your neck and back muscles, and even causing breathing issues in the long-term. It is absolutely essential to wear bras that mould well to your chest, to avoid such pain and future health issues such as tissue damage.


“I don’t have anybody to buy and wear lingerie for”, “I’m too old for sexy lingerie” – sound familiar to you? These are excuses that some of us give ourselves for not investing in beautiful lingerie that don’t serve an immediate functional purpose in our daily lives.

You don’t have to have another person or a special occasion to wear cute lingerie, you should wear it for yourself! We often get carried away with devoting so much of our time and energy to our careers and home lives, and neglect to build and retain our own identity. Beautiful lingerie can be a way for you to boost your self-esteem from within, and celebrate your body and sensuality – for yourself, at whatever size and whatever age.

Rawbought carezza lace top paired with kiri seamless lingerie for the blog article, reasons to pay importance to lingerie

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Celebrating Women in Leadership

International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on the 8th of March, is an opportunity for us to reflect on the progress we’ve made, to call for change and to celebrate the women in our lives who’ve shown courage and determination in the face of adversity. This year, we’ve chosen to highlight the resilience of women in leadership, and showcase four brilliant entrepreneurs who’ve come out of the pandemic stronger than ever. They share the lessons they’ve learnt and some thoughts on how you can become the best version of yourself every day.

Take time out for your interests outside of work

Miss Universe Singapore 2020, Bernadette Belle, chats with Rawbought on IWD

The pandemic forced all of us inside our homes for extended periods f time, transforming what was once a personal sanctuary into a space where you lived and worked with no boundaries in between. These blurred lines between your work and personal life means that extra effort needs to be made to get in touch with the creative side of yourself, shares Estee Hamid, Creative Director at Phish Digital. Reading for inspiration, playing and creating music, engaging with nature and journaling are just some of the ways Bernadette Belle, Miss Universe Singapore 2020 who’s a host, model and actress, spent her time that she carved out just for herself outside of work and other obligations. Creating or engaging in something that rewards your mind and soul is essential in keeping your mental and emotional health in check.

Unwinding with self-care

Acknowledging the stress and turbulence you’re going through is surprisingly tough. It’s important to take a conscious step back and take a break to unwind and reset.

Denies Kuar, founder of LivingDNA on the set of Rawbought's IWD campaign

Self-care doesn’t need to be an elaborate routine. Denise Kaur, Founder and Creative Director of homeware brand Living DNA, finds pockets of time during her busy day, to take a deep breath and let her mind settle before continuing with her work.

Candid shot of Daphne Tan, founder of candles of light on the set of rawbought's IWD campaign

For those looking for something more fancy, Daphne Tan, Founder of homegrown artisanal scent brand Candles of Light, recommends spending half an hour in a quiet room with a scented candle with a calming and soothing aroma that will help settle your emotions. Denise takes it a step further by putting on her favourite facemask to refresh her skin from the comfort of her home. Wearing a comfy set of pyjamas also helps lift your spirits, putting you in a good mood for bed automatically, shares Bernadette, who loves our buttery-soft Je Dors PJs.

Prioritising yourself

The fallout from the pandemic has been incredibly demanding on all of us in many ways. You might have been compelled to stretch yourself and spend your energy in difficult and uncomfortable ways for far too long, which can take a major toll on your emotional well-being. Estee shares that while it might be tough, it’s best to set clear boundaries and learn how to say no to things that can potentially have a negative effect on you. After all, if you don’t prioritise yourself, who else will?

Daphne advises to find a good balance between having time for the people in your life and your own needs. This will help you to retain your own identity and sense of worth in the long run.

Estee Hamid showing off her chess skills on the set of Rawbought's IWD campaign

Estee also shares that this pandemic has taught her to take some time to pause and appreciate her life’s journey and enjoy the moments as they happen.

While the worst of the pandemic might be over for many of us, the experience has emphasised the importance of health in a way like never before. As we get on the daily grind to take charge of our lives and achieve great things, it’s easy to put our health on the backburner in favour of seemingly “more important things”. We believe that rest and recuperation is just as important as hard work – it allows us to thrive creatively and improves our overall wellbeing.

Find the full video interviews with these incredible women on our Instagram Page. Let’s make a positive difference in the world, by starting with ourselves. Happy International Women’s Day!

Why is Slow Fashion Important?

Sustainability has become a huge part of our daily lives. From the utensils that we use to the way we travel, we’re becoming more conscious of the impact that our actions and choices have on our environment and society. 

Fashion is no exception. The fashion industry is reinventing itself and transitioning to make its whole value chain more sustainable and environmentally friendly, through “slow fashion”.

What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion, or sustainable fashion is manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, that consider both environmental and socio-economic aspects.

Slow fashion incorporates elements of sustainability and ethics in all stages of the product’s lifecycle – from design, raw materials, manufacturing processes to its marketing, sales and use.

The ultimate goal is to have an economic model that does not leave a negative impact on the Earth’s resources. Let’s take a look at a few ways in which slow fashion can make a significant difference.

Slow fashion saves natural resources

Water, land and oil make up the majority of resources that go into making apparel and its various components. These materials are fresh resources that usually cannot be recycled in the manufacturing process, making it highly unsustainable and damaging to the environment.

One way manufacturers of sustainable fashion are solving this problem is to switch to materials that require fewer fresh resources, such as modal. Modal fabric is a semi-synthetic blend of rayon made from spinning reconstituted beech tree cellulose. It is widely considered an eco-friendlier alternative to cotton because beech trees require 10-20 times less water to grow. Sustainable manufacturers are also looking to use recycled fibres for apparel, which reduces the pressure on fresh resources and tackles the problem of waste management.

Slow Fashion Is Important to Rawbought

Slow fashion reduces your carbon footprint

The fashion industry is a major contributor to greenhouse gases as majority of clothes produced are petroleum-based, including polyester and acrylic, which require more energy in the production phase compared to natural and recycled fibres.

Each person’s carbon footprint is a calculation of the total greenhouse gas emissions that they cause directly or indirectly. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to engage in activities and practices that are carbon-neutral i.e. a state of net zero carbon where carbon emissions caused have been balanced out with the removal or elimination of emissions. Supporting slow fashion reduces your overall carbon footprint as apparel are made from natural materials such as beech tree pulp, natural dyes, which are more biodegradable in the long run. Materials that are biodegradable “return” to nature when they decompose into natural materials. They also require less chemical treatment during the production phase which further helps to reduce carbon emissions.

Slow fashion supports fair, safe and ethical working conditions

In the pursuit of profits, the industry frequently exploits vulnerable communities who do not have a significant political voice, such low-income women and children in developing countries. Cutting corners where possible to increase their profit margins as much as possible has seen companies forcing their employees to work long hours in dangerous working conditions for less than a liveable wage. Slow fashion brands are committed to fighting this injustice, by providing humane working environments, basic healthcare and fair wages for their employees. This helps break the cycle of abject poverty and empowers members of vulnerable communities to lead dignified lives.

Slow fashion is healthier for you

Wearing sustainable fashion can have a direct impact on your own health as well.

Apparel made from synthetic materials usually involve harsh chemicals that used to dye, bleach and process the item. This affects the worker in the manufacturing plant significantly, and further down the value chain, the customer, whose skin can be affected by the chemicals in the clothes.

Sustainable fashion employs production processes that avoid synthetic materials and dyes, which are less harmful to humans and the earth – from the worker in the factory to the end customer who wear the item.

As both consumers and manufacturers, we at Rawbought are committed to being part of a sustainable future in fashion. Through our production processes, we aim to reduce the stress that our industry causes the earth and its precious resources.