5 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Cardboard Shopping Boxes

Rawbought online cardboard shopping box

Online shopping has opened the world up to us – even more so during the pandemic when much of the physical world was shut. We loved most of our purchases, didn’t like some and regretted the rest. One thing is for sure though: we accumulated a lot of packaging. Envelopes, poly mailers, cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes – online shopping is a large contributor to waste. Good news though – most of them can be recycled and reused!

Our Rawbought orders are packed carefully in recyclable cardboard boxes. They are quite minimalist in design, which means that they are perfect for reusing and recycling when you need to do so. Here are some ways that you can reuse our Rawbought shopping boxes!

Storage Space

We can never enough storage space – there’s always something to be kept and hidden away. Our cardboard boxes come in a variety of sizes depending on your order, so you can use them for storing any little bits and bobs that you have lying around at home, like cables, stationary, sewing supplies etc. Our boxes are dark and sleek, which allows them to fit in easily to your home décor, no matter what it is.

Drawer Organisers made of cardboard box

Drawer Organisers

Drawers can be one of the most under-utilised storage spaces in your home. Maximise your drawer space by using drawer organisers made from cardboard boxes. All you need is a penknife to cut the boxes to your preferred lengths and a glue gun to secure the pieces together. Your stationary, kitchen or even lingerie drawers will look satisfyingly neat, and you won’t have to turn your whole wardrobe upside down just to find that missing sock.

Art Supplies

End of year school holidays are coming up and with you working from home, it can be hard to keep the little ones busy at home. Cardboard boxes make for great art supplies for excitable kids with a knack for crafting.

Our cardboard boxes are white on the inside, which provide a great canvas for kids to paint and draw on. Get great milage on your white paint and markers on the black side of our boxes as well.

Multiple cardboard boxes of different sizes make for great makeshift forts – your children can spend hours of their time and energy constructing fun structures and spinning fantastic stories.

Cat standing inside cardboard box by Rawbought

Pet Toys

Cats’ love for boxes have been well-documented on the Internet. If your cat is the typical cat that chooses to lie in boxes instead of its expensive cat bed, our boxes are the perfect size for a mid-sized cat to do so.

If you have a larger cardboard box, you can tape up the flaps and pull an old t-shirt over the opening to make a little hidey spot for them to relax in.

Thank you for making this world a better place and reducing your ecological footprint by adopting sustainable practices in your daily life.

Seedling Trays

Cardboard boxes also make great seed starters for plants in your home garden. The boxes can absorb and hold water for long periods of time, giving the seeds the necessary water to start growing. Regular watering of your cardboard seed starter will soften it enough for the seedling to push through.

Since cardboard is made of natural, decomposable material, it can also be used as mulch for your plants.

Styling the Carezza Lace Belted Pant with Soukaina Faruq

The world is opening up – tentatively. We’re slowly starting to return to life as we knew it – heading back to work, inviting friends and family back into our homes again. Some things however will never be the same again, our wardrobes, for starters. A love for versatile clothes, comfortable fabrics and a general disregard for formality – some interesting but not surprising trends that emerged from the other side of the pandemic. Having spent more than a year at home almost exclusively in pyjamas, I can say that I’m definitely ready to get into some “real” clothes, but I’m not ready to give up the comfort that I’ve gotten used to. That’s why our Carezza Lace Belted Pant is the perfect in-between that will let me have the best of style and comfort.

The Carezza Lace Belted Pant is made of our signature buttery-soft modal fabric that we use for all our pyjamas, so that you can take our familiar comfort wherever you go. The side-slits offer an extra dimension of style to the pant, allowing you to look and feel chic. The lace appliques at the cuff and satin belt on the waistband add the perfect romantic and classy touches to your whole look.

The outfit combinations are endless with our Carezza Lace Belted Pant. Whether you wear it at home or when you’re heading out, it’s perfectly versatile for whatever vibe you’re going for that day. Here are some of my favourite ways to style the pant.

Soukaina Faruq in Rawbought Carezza Lace Belted Pant

For Lounge Days at Home

I love to wear my Carezza Lace Belted Pant at home. They make for great lounge pants, for days that I want to look and feel good for myself. If some unexpected errands come up, I can immediately head out the door without worrying about how I look.

For warmer nights, I like to pair the pants with my Carezza Lace Pyjama top. The side-slits allow for great ventilation and the modal fabric allows me to feel cool throughout the night.

Soukaina Faruq in Rawbought Carezza Lace Belted Pant Comfy Days

For Comfy Days

Getting away with wearing pyjamas out of the house has never been easier. I usually pair my Carezza Lace Belted Pant with a simple ribbed tank and some basic accessories – and I’m ready for a day out with the girls! The lace cuff adds an element of femininity that elevates your look to flirty chic.

Soukaina Faruq in Rawbought Carezza Lace Belted Pant

For Classy Nights

The Carezza Lace Belted Pant can also take me from couch to cocktails in the blink of an eye. A satin/silk top, some fancy heels and elegant jewellery and no one needs to know that I’m technically wearing PJs to a classy dinner! The satin belt really helps to sell the look with its classy sheen and texture.

Oversleeping: Is Too Much Sleep Bad for Health?

Model in Rawbought Je Dors Signature Collection Full Set Pyjamas in Chalky Blue reclining on the bed in the article about Oversleeping: Is Too Much Sleep Bad for Health

Sleeping in is a dream come true for most overworked adults – the feeling of not setting an alarm the night before and waking up only when your body is ready to is just pure bliss. However, too much of anything can be a bad thing and sleep is no exception. Let’s look at some of the ways you can be affected if you sleep too much, and how we can reverse them.

What is Oversleeping?

The universal gold standard of normal sleeping hours has long been considered eight hours. Many studies over the years have shown that a healthy adult should get between seven to nine hours of good quality sleep to be able to function well. While it can vary among individuals, most experts agree that anything over nine hours of sleep is considered excessive.

Sleeping in a little over the weekends is no big deal. However, if you’re regularly sleeping more than nine hours and don’t feel rested on less than that, then it might be a cause for worry.

Poor sleep quality can be caused by multiple factors, from environmental (not having an ideal bedroom for good sleep etc.) to medical (other health conditions like depression, pain and sleep disorders etc.). When you’re not getting enough restorative sleep, your body will try to prolong your sleep period to do so. This however can have adverse effects on your health in the long run.

Increased Risk of Heart Disease

The Nurses’ Health Study has shown that getting too much sleep on a regular basis can increase the risk of heart disease, with women who slept nine to 11 hours were 38% more likely to have coronary heart disease than women who slept eight hours. While researchers have not been able to agree on a reason for this connection between oversleeping and heart disease, some say that the indirect effect of poor sleep health, diet choices and genetics can have a part to play in boosting inflammation in the body, which is also associated with cardiovascular disease.

Slowing down of Cognitive Performance

Feeling lethargic and foggy when you oversleep is a sign of the slowing down of your cognitive performance. When you have poor sleep health, your key cognitive functions such as memory, identifying patterns, reaction time, decision making skills and speech ability can be negatively impacted.

Mental Health Decline

The relationship between sleep health and mental health can sometimes be a chicken-and-egg situation – which came first, poor sleep or depression? Which one caused which? Studies have shown that both can be a symptom of each other, where oversleeping is seen as possible symptom of depression and depression being a major factor in poor sleep health. However, the fact still remains that getting more than the recommended number of hours of sleep can worse depression and anxiety symptoms in the long run.

How to Fix Oversleeping?

If you find yourself recognising the symptoms, don’t worry! There are still ways for you to fix it and improve your health.

One way to do so is to cultivate healthy sleep habits. As we always say, the key to getting a good night’s sleep start from the day before. Starting your day right with good habits can help you settle into a healthy routine. Designing a comfortable night-time ritual that enables your mind and body to get into the mood to sleep is another way to ensure that you’re getting the right amount and quality of sleep. On top of keeping an eye on your habits, you should also ensure that you have a good environment for getting quality sleep. Take a step-by-step approach to designing your bedroom for good sleep so that you can identify which factor you need change.

It’s important to listen to your body when it’s trying to tell you something. Living in discomfort and pain is not the norm and shouldn’t be seen as a point to brag about – especially when it comes to sleep health. Take the first step in seeing your doctor about your symptoms and slowly work towards improving your overall well-being.  

Why Rawbought Pyjamas are Great For New Mums

Model in Rawbought Je Dors Signature Collection Full Set Pyjamas in Black for article about Why Rawbought Pyjamas are Great for New Mums

The first few months of your motherhood journey will most likely be spent at home, looking after the precious new life that you are now suddenly responsible for. Nursing will be your number one priority for the first few months and it’s important that you find a convenient and comfortable way to do so. A great set of pyjamas that you’ll pretty much be living in day and night will do wonders for you physically and even mentally. Here are some reasons why Rawbought’s sleepwear collections are great for new mums. 

Modal Fabric is Buttery Soft

Your body post-pregnancy and childbirth will be a hot mess of hormones and sensitivity. You’ll be craving for comfort where you can get it, and that’s where we come in. Rawbought’s Je Dors and Carezza Lace Collections are made of our signature modal, a semi-synthetic fabric that is buttery-soft and lightweight. It feels extremely smooth on your skin and soothes any sensitivity that you may be feeling, especially during nursing.

Your baby will be attached to you pretty much 24/7 for the first few months of their life so it’s important for your clothes to also feel good against their fragile skin.

Pyjamas are Convenient for Nursing

Nursing will take up majority of your time all day and night for new-born babies who will need to be fed every 2-3 hours. Your top should give your baby easy access for them to latch on as and when they need to, ideally without you having to take it off. Your regular crew-necked T-shirts might not be the most convenient for you to lift and adjust single-handedly, especially during exhausting night feeds.

Our pyjama tops and sleepshirts have low and wide necklines that can be pulled down for easy breastfeeding. Our buttons are also the perfect size for you to button and unbutton single-handedly when you need to breast feed.

Modal Fabric is Temperature Regulating

Your hormones post-birth will still be as chaotic, if not more, as when you were pregnant, as your body adjusts to your new form. For many, it looks like excessive sweating and hot flashes. Wearing clothes that are breathable is absolutely essential to ensuring your comfort.

Rawbought’s pyjamas are perfect for those who run a little hotter, as the modal fabric is light, breathable and temperature regulating. Our modal sleepwear also wicks moisture away from your body, allowing you to stay cool and dry, especially when you’re nursing with your baby in your arms.

Model in Rawbought Je Dors Signature Collection Full Set Pyjamas in Black for article about Why Rawbought Pyjamas are Great for New Mums

Pyjamas Have a Flattering Fit

Your body post-pregnancy can look like a stranger’s – after all, you’ve grown a whole new human in there! It’s normal to feel some anxiety and unhappiness over how you look, but you should also take deliberate measures to make yourself feel good about your body.

Our sleepwear and loungewear are designed with both style and comfort in mind. They give you a flattering drape, being both comfortably loose but not shapeless. Our Carezza pyjamas also have romantic lace trims that evoke romance and femininity, while giving you great comfort. Rawbought’s sleepwear also come in a wide range of colours that can bring a little cheer to your day when you look in the mirror.

There’s absolutely no shame in looking to clothes to help you look and subsequently feel better during this confusing and overwhelming period of motherhood.

Pyjama Bottoms Have Soft Elastic Bands

As your body adjusts back to its pre-pregnancy state after childbirth, you will start to see your shape change. Your post-pregnancy clothes need to be able to accommodate your body’s changes, with soft and adjustable bands.

Our Je Dors and Carezza Lace pyjama bottoms are sufficiently stretchy and sit comfortably at your waist and hips respectively. They have soft elastic bands that do not dig tight into your skin. If you’re in between sizes, our Reika Lounge Shorts have drawstrings that you can adjust to your preference.

Pyjamas are Easy to Wash

From leaks to baby spit-ups, your clothes are usually the first to fall victim to the messiness of motherhood. They need to be easy to wash while retaining their colour and shape after frequent washing.

Rawbought’s pyjamas are very easy to maintain and can last you a long time. You can throw them in the washing machine on the cold cycle and have them ready to wear in a short while.

The early breastfeeding days can take quite a toll on you both physically and mentally. It’s important for you to find anything – like a comfortable pair of pyjamas – that can help give you a boost that you need to keep you going when you’re at your lowest.

Your baby will be happy when you’re happy. So go forth, treat yourself to comfort, you deserve it.

6 Ways to Feel More Comfortable in Your Own Skin

As we get older, feeling comfortable in your own skin is something that we need to learn and relearn. It becomes all too easy to get trapped in the endless cycle of “If only I was skinnier, taller, younger, richer, then I’d feel much better about myself” as we mature. Self-deprecating and negative thoughts can set you down a dark path that you might not be able to redeem yourself from. Learning your own self-worth and loving yourself – flaws and all – is a revolutionary way to live life in this world. If you’re ready to start your journey to self-love, then here are some ways to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Stop comparing

First way to start feeling more comfortable with yourself is to remove other people from your mind. Stop comparing and worrying about what other people think of you. Easier said than done, we know, but it’s important to remember that you are your own person, on your own journey through this chaos called life. Your journey is unique, and you shouldn’t hold yourself and your choices to other people’s standards. Once you’ve accepted that you’re the main character of your own life, you’ll feel much more confident and comfortable in your own choices.

Practise Self-Awareness

Being honest with ourselves is one of the hardest things to do. Being self-aware will make you realise your true self, once you have acknowledged everything about yourself – the good, the bad, the ugly and the exceptional. Gather information about yourself without judgement and face yourself as you are.

Practising self-awareness on a deep level will help you stop comparing yourself with others, because then you realise that there’s only one of you. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. It will take a lot of baby steps, some forward, some backward – but it’s important that you make progress in some way towards feeling more comfortable and confident with who you are.  

Remind Yourself of Your Self-Worth

It’s important to remember that your self-worth is your responsibility. Placing that responsibility in other people’s hands will set you up for a lot of heartbreak. Whether it’s at work or in your personal relationships, you need to regularly remind yourself of your unique strengths and weaknesses.

Another key thing to remember: Your self-worth is not tied to your appearance. Again, easier said than done, especially when you’re constantly being bombarded with advertising messages that there’s something wrong with you that you need to fix. You will feel the relief yourself, when you finally internalise that your physical attributes don’t determine the kind of person you are or wish to be.

Have a Support Group

Your journey towards feeling comfortable in your own skin shouldn’t be a lonely one. Surround yourself with a tribe of close friends and family that you can count on to have your back, especially when you’re feeling low. Your support group should love you for who you are. They should also be willing to show you some tough love and call you out for your bad behaviour if needed. Your tribe should uplift you and help you towards becoming a better version of yourself.

Practise Gratitude

It’s easy to get swept up in your own life and focus on the things that you don’t have or could’ve done if only you were *blank*. But what about the things that you already have? Don’t take yourself for granted. Try to remind yourself regularly of your “contributions” to the world by just being yourself – with your body, mind, spirit etc.

Learn to be grateful for the things in your life that make it worth living – they will help you remember that there’s so much beauty in the world for you to appreciate, including yourself.

Don’t Shy from External Validation

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is not easy and can take a whole lifetime for some people. Sometimes it takes someone or something outside of yourself to remind you of your own self-worth, and that is perfectly fine. Whether it’s wearing makeup, dressing up in expensive lingerie or even self-affirmation reminders, only you know what it takes for you to feel comfortable with yourself. Don’t deny yourself such pleasures by being too harsh on yourself from the onset.

Your journey towards self-love can take time, especially when your insecurities have been festering in you for a long time. But who’s counting anyway? Take as long as you need, as long as you are honest with yourself and make real efforts towards accepting you for who you are.