Why Is Modal Fabric Good for Kids

Fabric is by far the most important factor that parents consider for any piece of clothing that they get for their kids and with good reason. Kids have especially sensitive skin at their young age, and they need the best quality fabrics that make them feel good throughout the day. This is no different for their pyjamas, especially if they toss and turn. As parents, it’s very important for you to choose the ideal fabric for your child’s pyjamas so that they can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Modal fabric is one such fabric that is very popular among kids’ clothing, from underwear to pyjamas. Let’s look at why modal fabric is good for kids.

Modal is Soft

Modal fabric is an extremely smooth material that feels buttery soft on your skin. As it is made from natural substances (beech tree pulp), it suits most people with sensitive skin as there is much fewer chemical substances that is needed to process the fabric. This makes it ideal for your children, who have delicate skin that is prone to infection.

Modal’s buttery soft goodness also means that the fabric does not itch them during the night and sits lightly on their skin. Rawbought’s modal pyjamas also come with soft yet snug waistbands, which ensure that your child’s pyjamas do not bunch up or sag down and cause discomfort during the night.

Modal is Breathable

Modal is very breathable, perfect for tropical climates where temperatures can go up and down throughout the day and night. Modal’s unique temperature-regulating properties also mean that your child is kept cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool automatically. This allows them to have a good sleep experience throughout the night, even if they wear pyjamas that cover their whole body (i.e. a Full Set).

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Modal is Stretchy

As parents, it’s inevitable that one day you suddenly realise that your child’s clothes have become too tight or short for them, thinking “Didn’t I just buy this a few months ago?”. That’s just how fast kids grow, especially at a young age! Clothing made of modal helps to keep that feeling at bay for longer, as it is a very stretchy fabric. Modal’s intricate yet strong weave allows it to maintain its shape for much longer than other fabric like cotton. This makes it a very durable fabric that lasts much longer, even with regular use.

It’s comfortable stretchiness also means that your child’s modal pyjamas can see the child through multiple washes and their fast growth, without you needing to buy new ones too quickly.

Modal is Absorbent

Modal is also a very absorbent fabric, found to be 50% more absorbent than cotton. Due to the micropores in the fabric, clothes made out of modal are able to absorb any water and sweat that they encounter. This helps in regulating the temperature of the child, especially at night, if they happen to sweat. Modal’s moisture-wicking properties also ensure that the water/sweat is kept away from the kid’s body, keeping it cool and clean. This enables the child to continue having a comfortable night’s sleep without waking up.

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Kids Pyjamas: What Should You Consider When Buying

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Fussy children not willing to go to bed, or waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night? Their pyjamas could be the culprit. Children under the age of 12 need at least 9 to 12 hours of sleep a night, and what they wear makes a big difference to their sleep experience and comfort. If you’re at your wits’ end on how to get your child to sleep through the night, don’t worry. We take you through the 3 most important things you should consider when buying kids’ pyjamas.


This is by far the most important factor you need to consider when choosing pyjamas for your children, especially if they have sensitive skin. You need to ensure that no harsh chemicals have been used when producing the fabric because they can harm your children’s skin. Soft, breathable fabric that doesn’t feel warm and itchy on the skin is especially important for kids who can get overstimulated.

Organic and sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, modal and bamboo make for ideal kids pyjamas due to their lightweight and breathable material, especially in tropical climates.

As every parent would know, kids can get super messy. To make your life much easier, choose a material that is easy to wash. Pyjamas made of modal and bamboo are also much more resistant to shrinkage than cotton, so your kids will be able to wear the pyjamas for longer.

Style & Comfort

Kids can and will be very fussy about what they wear, especially about something that they’ll have to wear for long periods of time – like their pyjamas. That’s why you should get very familiar with the style of pyjamas that are suitable for their comfort and preference. If they prefer sleepshirts or onesies, they might not be entirely comfortable in full pyjamas sets and vice versa.  

When buying kids pyjamas, be sure to check the stitches, buttons and other trims to gauge whether they sit well on your child’s skin. Poorly stitched clothing can have loose threads and tags that can cause itchiness for your child.

Drawstrings can be tricky for kids, especially for younger kids. Kids can tend to move around a lot in their sleep and the drawstrings can get caught around their limbs or even their necks and cut off circulation. For babies and young children, it is best not to get pyjamas that have drawstrings.


Kids grow so fast right before your eyes. You might be tempted to get them pyjamas that are a couple of sizes larger, so you don’t have to keep replacing them too often. However, pyjamas that do not fit properly can affect your child’s sleep experience greatly. Too much loose fabric can leave your child’s skin exposed to the room’s elements, leaving them too cold. At worst, it can even get tangled in their sheets and cause accidental smothering.

Ensure that your kids’ pyjamas are snug fit, for the size that they are. Measure your children frequently to be able to accurately gauge their size when shopping by yourself or online. Shop for good quality clothing that is made of fabric that does not shrink in the wash, or degrade with frequent washing.

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Modal vs Bamboo: What is the Difference and Which is Better

Rawbought Je Dors Collection Black Long Set pyjama set with white piping design made of sustainable modal fabric

Skincare is more than moisturiser and under-eye cream. The clothes that you wear, from your underwear to the pyjamas you sleep in at night, make a huge difference to your skin and to your general health. Modal and Bamboo have been touted as more sustainable and durable alternatives to cotton, that are also better for your skin. What is the difference between the two fabrics and which one is better? We look at the similarities and differences between the two fabrics.

Similarities between Modal and Bamboo

Both fabrics are made from natural materials. Modal is made from beech tree pulp broken down into a viscose , while bamboo is made from the semi-synthetic viscose cellulose fibres extracted from bamboo fibres.

Modal and bamboo fabrics are very breathable and absorbent, due to the fabrics’ weave. They are also much more absorbent than cotton, up to 40%. These nature-based fabrics are suitable for people with sensitive skin as they are mostly anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Differences between Modal and Bamboo

Feel – Modal and Bamboo fabric, while both extremely soft, have a distinct difference in the way they feel. Modal feels smoother and softer than bamboo. It has a more silky hand-feel, which makes it an ideal fabric for sleepwear that feels luxurious and smooth against skin.

Temperature – Modal has an edge over bamboo in its breathability. It is found to be more breathable and moisture-wicking when compared to bamboo, though both fabrics are more absorbent than cotton. Modal keeps you that much cooler and dryer in warmer climates like Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Look – Due to its silkier and denser fabric weave, modal drapes your body in a more flattering manner. The thin fabric sits delicately on your skin, while not getting into every dimple and crevice on your body. Modal fabrics also hold colours better and longer, making your clothes stay vibrant for much longer.

Maintenance – Modal is slightly easier to take care of than bamboo. It is more resistant to fading, pilling and can even be washed in the dryer. Most bamboo fabrics are more delicate and would not be able to withstand vigorous washing and heat.

At Rawbought, we are obviously huge fans of modal – all our pyjama sets are made of buttery-soft modal fabric as we wanted the best of comfort while sleep. We believe that modal and bamboo are both exceptionally soft materials that suit different people, lifestyles and preferences.