Wellness Apps That We Will Continue Using In 2022

We’ve all tried to reduce our reliance on our phones in a bit to rest our eyes and live in the moment more – and failed miserably. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them! Use technology to help make your lives more wholesome and assist in your quest towards wellness. The Rawbought team tried out many wellness apps throughout 2021, and shortlisted a few that we will continue using in 2022. If you’re looking for recommendations to add to your app library, continue reading!

Productivity Apps

Working from home, while convenient, came with its own struggles. With our usual routines broken by constant distractions and changing regulations, we struggled to keep up with our regular habits, and to introduce new ones to fit our new circumstances better.

Habitify – This is one of our most favourite habit trackers apps. Our favourite feature by far has to be the one that sorts our habits into ‘habit areas’ a.k.a type of habits. You can customise it to your liking if the preset ones aren’t accurate. So you can track your habits by theme so that it’s neat to look at.

Today Habit Tracker – If you’re a more visual person, the Today Habit Tracker is the one for you. Available on iOS is visually stunning app that is fully customisable. Aesthetics aside, its core features are strong and useful. You can create custom dashboards for each of your habits, and connect them with the Apple Health Charts to view and track your health data.

Meditation Apps

Meditation and mindfulness is an important part of your journey to wellness. Practising meditation every day helps you to build mental resilience and manage your stress in a healthy way. Mindfulness also helps you gain deeper appreciation for the world around you and regulate your emotions without judgement.

Headspace – The hype is real, and so worth it. If you’ve always to get into meditation and mindfulness but aren’t sure where and how to start, Headspace is the perfect app for you. It makes everything extremely simple and easy to understand, with daily short meditation sessions.

Calm – As big advocates of healthy sleep habits, we love the Calm app for its huge library of guided mediation, breathing programmes and exercises that help you clear and calm your mind before bed-time. The app has different types of sessions depending on how much time you have and what you’re looking for. With sessions starting from 3 min to 25 min, you can choose to focus on calming anxiety, breaking a habit or even encouraging deep sleep. You can also fall asleep to your favourite celebrity as they read you bed-time stories that are guaranteed to lull you to sleep.

Affirmation Apps

On the surface, affirmations may seem like empty words that can apply to anyone. But when truly internalised, affirmations have great power to motivate you right when you need it the most. There are many affirmation-related accounts on Instagram (we post some of our own too, once in a while!), but if you’re looking for timed, dedicated affirmations that are not lumped in with the rest of the noise on social media, having a dedicated app can help you.

ThinkUp – We found ThinkUp to be a truly innovative app that engages in a unique way, to enable us to internalise the affirmations in the best way possible. You can choose from pre-written affirmations from their extensive library, or compose some of your own. You can then record yourself reading our your selected affirmations, before listening to them on playback with soft music in the background. This helps to build up your confidence, as you speak through your affirmations.

Co-Star – If you are an astrology nut, you’ll like the Co-Star app. With personalised daily notifications based on your astrology signs, the app has beautiful one-liner affirmations that relate to your specific circumstances most of the time. The app itself has detailed descriptions and community-based features that enable you to engage with other people around the world.

Health Apps

Catching symptoms early allow you to seek proper treatment for any health issues you may encounter. Tracking your health also enables you to cultivate and maintain good habits over a longer period of time. Visualising your progress over time will give you that added push you need to keep going.

Clue – Ever gotten your period and every emotion that you’ve felt for the past week suddenly makes complete sense? With Clue, you don’t have to have that surprise anymore! You can track your period every month, with options to put in symptoms like cramps and flow, as well as lifestyle indicators like sleep. This helps to give you a holistic view of how your lifestyle can affect your health. It is also especially helpful for people looking to get pregnant, as it can help track ovulation cycles as well.

Sleep Cycle – This is by far the most popular wellness app among us, for obvious reasons. Sleep Cycle helps to track your length and quality of sleep throughout the night based on movement and sound analysis. Its built-in alarm system also wakes you up at the optimum time, when you are at your lightest sleep phase, to ensure that you’re less groggy when awake.

Journal Apps

Journaling is not just for kids. Journaling is a great way to make sense of your day and process all the feelings that you felt throughout. It helps to clear your mind at the end of the day, allowing you to have a calm mind before bed.

As much as we’d like to return to our girly days with bedazzled diaries and scented pages, maintaining a journal as a working adult requires a lot more effort nowadays. Harness technology that you have at your literal fingertips and get cracking at innovative ways of expressing your innermost thoughts and emotions.

Day One – This is a great app for the no-nonsense, no-frills person, who just needs a blank screen as her canvas. This app offers multimedia options for journaling, writing, adding pictures, recording voice memos etc. With sophisticated security features and unobtrusive designs, Day One ensures that your deepest secrets remain hidden for your eyes only.

Five Minute Journal – This app pretty much does what it says on the tin. This is perfect for those who are new to journaling and don’t know where to start. Five Minute Journal makes journaling easy with timed prompts throughout the day. Start your day right with gratitude and end your day by reflecting on the positive aspects. This helps to cultivate the habits of gratitude and self-reflection.

Daylio – Want to journal, but don’t want to actually write? Daylio is perfect for those people who want to express their thoughts in other ways than words. You can choose icons that best represent your mood and activities for the day. If you want to add more context, there are options to add notes. The app also comes with the standard set of features including reminders, exporting entries and goal-setting. The analytics dashboard also allows you to see how mood fared over a specific time period, and draws interesting correlations between your activities and moods.

Sister Chat: Celebrating Valentine’s Day with the Rawbought Sisters

Rawbought Sisters Amira Faruq Soukaina Faruq Boutaina Faruq Valentine's Day self-love love and relationships

It’s been a busy start to the year, with the launch of our first-ever Kids’ Collection and our brand-new Carezza Lace Lingerie Collection, just in time for Valentine’s Day. This year’s Valentine’s Day is quite special for us as Boutaina, is celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary with her partner, while Soukaina will be celebrating her first-ever Valentine’s Day as a newly-wed.

Let’s see what the Rawbought Sisters have to say about love, self-love and relationships!

Is Valentine’s Day a big thing for you? Do you expect or do something special on this day?

Boutaina: Valentine’s Day has never been a big thing for my husband and I. I never considered it important, so my husband hasn’t felt the need to celebrate in a big way. He usually just gets me flowers to mark the occasion. After our first child started to attend school and learn more about Valentine’s Day, my husband now gets me flowers and gifts on behalf of the kids. We definitely have started to make it more of an occasion after we had kids, for their sake.  

Soukaina: I would say both yes, and no. My husband and I like to celebrate everything (me more than him, if we’re being honest). I say I don’t expect anything but I secretly do, and he knows it! We usually dress up nice and go out for dinner on Valentine’s. So I’d say we do like to do something special but it’s more of an opportunity for us to just be together, and hopefully receive flowers. Since our anniversary is near Valentine’s Day, he does get me gifts as well to mark that. I’m all about receiving the love on that day.

Amira: Before I was single, Valentine’s Day wasn’t a big thing for me. But my family and my sisters have been making the effort to show me lots of love and affection on this day, by sending me flowers and spending the day with me. It’s something that really made me realise that love is everywhere and in comes in many different forms. So I would say Valentine’s Day has become a very special to me in the last couple of years.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year?

Boutaina: We’re spending the day together as family this year! Everyone’s invited for a Tandoori night at my place. It’s really an excuse for all of us to get together and have yummy food.

What are your love languages? Do you think it makes a difference in your relationships – romantic and non-romantic?

Soukaina: My love language is Quality Time. My husband and I get really busy with work on most days, so I really value the time that he puts aside for me. And I’m the same way, with both him and the rest of my family. The way I express love is to give my time and spending it with them in person. It definitely makes a difference in my relationships because even just sitting and talking is a good bonding experience for me.

Amira: I would say my language is definitely acts of service. I think it’s come from seeing the Boutaina and Soukaina’s relationships and how their husbands are so loving and attentive to them and their needs. My parents’ relationship has also been a huge influence in how I view love. So I definitely appreciate acts of service as a way of receiving love. I don’t think you need to have the same love language in a romantic relationship. You just need to be aware of your partner’s, so you’re effectively showing them your love in a way they can receive and appreciate.

Boutaina: Mine is quite similar to Soukaina’s. 10 years on, love looks a bit different. I don’t feel like I need my husband to give me his time, but I like it when he’s physically there for me. We can be in the same room, doing our own thing, but I still feel the love when he’s beside me. Another way that I feel the love is when he shows his affection to our children. The way he takes work off my hands when I’m busy and prioritises me in his own ways, that’s how he expresses his love towards me, which I really appreciate. So I’d say my love language would be a combination of acts of service and quality time.

How do you define love?

Boutaina: Love to me is loyalty. It’s a big show of love when you’re loyal towards me and my loved ones, and are there for them when we need you. It’s something that I’ve learnt observing my parents’ relationship and the way they raised us. We know that no matter what happens, we can always turn to them and they’ll be there. And this is something that I see with my own children and my sisters. They can go without seeing them for the longest time, but when they do, they give them 100% of their quality time and support, and my kids know that their aunts will always be there for them. That is what love is to me.

Soukaina: Adding on to that, love to me is also about compromise and sacrifice. I really do feel it’s something that you do for the people that you really love. The way I show love to my loved ones is to try and put their needs and wants above mine where I can.

Amira: To me, love is very much about commitment, whether it’s towards your partner or your family or friends. If I love someone, I’m 100% committed, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m still going to love them the same no matter what. No one’s perfect, but nothing’s going to make me question your place in my life. If anything happens, it’s more about what can we do to fix the issue and move past it. My definition of love is more about unconditional commitment.

What does self-love mean to you? What do you do to practise self-love?

Boutaina: I honestly haven’t thought about self-love in a long time, so I’ve almost forgotten what it means anymore. I guess, if I were to define it in my life, I would say getting an hour or two out of my day to get a blow dry, or to spend some time putting together jigsaw puzzles is a way for me to get some me-time in. Spending time with my sisters and parents is another way that I make myself happy. When I’m with my parents, I become a child again! I’m not a mum, I’m not thinking of my own responsibilities. I really get to relax and laugh freely. So I would say that’s how I show love to myself.

Soukaina: I think it just means giving yourself the time and the space to focus on things that are important to you. For me it’s making sure I am always doing something active as I feel that has a direct affect on my mood and my mental headspace- I also feel it helps with my confidence levels. I like to take the time with my skin care and hair care and pride myself in loving my body and doing these small things for it. On the other hand, I allow myself to have down days and to be home and do nothing and not be so hard on myself when I do have those kinds of days! 

Amira: I’d say I’m the opposite! I’m very in touch with self-love, and making it an active part of my life. I’ve figured out what exactly what makes me happy and unhappy. Going out for walks brings me a lot of peace and clarity. While I love going out to meet people and be with my friends, I do like to spend a Sunday evening by myself to decompress. Another way I like to show myself some love is dressing up. The whole process of choosing a cute outfit and putting on makeup really lifts my mood. I do balance that out with going without makeup for a while, chilling in my Rawbought PJs to appreciate how I look without any frills either.

What is a piece of advice on marriage or relationships that you’d like to share with your sisters?

Boutaina: Having the spark with your partner is very important. That is something very key to making your relationship work. You will go through many ups and downs throughout the years, and the spark between the two of you will play a big role in keeping you together and happy. I would also say that the physical and emotional compatibility is equally important to making your marriage happy. Having some sort of long-term plan is also extremely important. Just love isn’t going to be enough, you will need to plan certain things about your future to see if you’re on the same page. I’ve also seen that when you have children, your priorities as a couple completely change and there’s so many things to consider.

Is there a magic secret to making marriage work?

Boutaina: Not at all. It’s a work in progress every single day. We’ve seen our parents, though married for almost 40 years, still work on their marriage on a day-to-day basis. What works today, might not work a year from now. Loyalty and respect is absolutely key to making it work, so that is something that needs to be worked on every single day.

As entrepreneurs who work long hours, how do you set aside time for your partners/yourself?

Boutaina: I have to admit, my husband and I are very bad at this. The only time we have to ourselves is after the children have gone to bed, but most of the time we’re still in meetings and still working. The good thing is that when we’re together, we don’t need to have much conversation. Just being next to each other and around each other gives me the comfort and security that I need. I wouldn’t say that this ideal though. I believe strongly that you should set aside time for your partner, even if it’s something simple like dressing up for a meal or playing board games together etc.  

Soukaina: I think for me it’s easy as both my partner and myself always work from home. We try and make sure that after dinner is our time either making dinners something to look forward to or watch our favourite tv show. Friday date nights are a must and we always go to bed together at the same time. In terms of time for myself, I have a rough idea of how my week will be and plan the things I want to get done personally around my work schedule. This usually means late nights! 

Amira: I’m quite a schedule-oriented person. I keep count of how many times I need to see my parents in a week, how many times a month I need to check in with my friends and such. While I work long hours throughout the week, being an entrepreneur also means that I have the flexibility of moving things around to prioritise my social schedule when I need to.

What’s the best part about being married? And what’s the best part about being single?

Boutaina: For me, it’s really having someone there around me all the time. It gives me a lot of comfort and happiness when I have my husband around me. It’s great having someone to laugh with, yell at, have a good rant with and just not being alone.

Soukaina: Similar to Boutaina, I just enjoy having someone by my side for everything. I love sharing every adventure with my partner and love having someone to come home to every day and just someone to always count on. It also helps to have someone who is happy to cook for you and clean when you’re having a lazy day! 

Amira: I’d say the best part about being single is the freedom to whatever I want without question. I get to decide everything for myself, from the night’s dinner to how long I get to work or stay out. I get to live my life on my own terms without having to answer to anyone.

Does being married feel different? Do you feel like you’ve changed?

Soukaina: I feel zero difference being married just forget in forms now to check the married box! In terms of changes, I feel the only difference is having a new set of parents and family and embracing their culture and traditions. Other than that, I just feel like I’m living with my long term boyfriend. 

What’s your advice for people who are single this Valentine’s Day?

Boutaina: Really enjoy it! Savour the time that you get for yourself, it’s not going to last. Take this time to do whatever you want to do without any pressure. Just enjoy yourself!

Soukaina: It’s really the perfect time to be selfish. Eat chocolates in bed, meet some girlfriends/ guy friends, go to the spa. Do whatever YOU want to do. Send some flowers to your mother/ sister/ daughter and show some love to people who wouldn’t expect it!  I don’t think Valentine’s Day is really a day only for couples but it’s just a day to celebrate love. 

Amira: I’d say that don’t think of Valentine’s Day to be solely about romance. It’s an occasion to celebrate love in all forms, so tell your parents, your siblings, your friends, your dog, anyone, that you love them and send them a nice note. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to reciprocate and shower you with love as well.

What is Ethical Consumption

What is Ethical Consumption Rawbought is a sustainable ethical sleepwear brand with environmental and social responsibility

Ethical consumption, or ethical consumerism, is when a consumer makes the connection between the product, where it was produced and the context in which it was produced and makes a purchase decision based on those factors. Ethics is an essential part of sustainability in the apparel industry, measuring the effect of production on humans. Businesses are now taking a deeper look at the social and ethical impact of their actions due to rising awareness and demand among consumers. These consumers are now rightfully using their purchasing power to influence business to be more sustainable, ethical and accountable for their practices.

Can consumption ever be 100% ethical?

From a consumer’s perspective, try as they may, it is often very difficult to guarantee 100% ethical practices due to the lack of transparency of the full supply chain – from source to store. One may not be able to ascertain whether each and every single person involved in the production process – from the factory floor to the warehouse – has been treated fairly and ethically.

Ethical production and consumption are concepts that have very recently come into the public consciousness, resulting in multiple, broad definitions that can differ from industry to industry, and even person to person.

This subjective nature of ethical consumption and the constant evolution of its definition can make it confusing for consumers who are looking to be more discerning with their purchases.

There are, however, some very basic standards that everyone can agree on. For example, unsafe working conditions, illegal production methods that put both the worker and the environment in harm etc. – these are some examples of universally unethical practices that are distinctly negative.

So how can consumers practice ethical consumption within their individual capacities?

What Ethical Consumption Can Look Like

If you’re looking to be more discerning as a consumer on what you spend your money on, here are some ways you can engage in ethical consumption:

Brand Research – Businesses nowadays are increasing transparency about their production practices, both voluntarily and while bound by regulations. This makes it easier for consumers who wish to be more conscious about where they are spending their money to make a choice. Make sure that the brand that you’re looking to buy from is as transparent as possible about where and how their products are made. Do they give back to the community? Do they uplift their employees? Are they certified internationally?

Invest in quality – Mass-produced fashion is usually made of poor-quality materials, and workers are usually forced to work in bad conditions, as the garments are quickly produced to keep up with the latest trends. Patronising brands that invest in high quality, timeless apparel made in sustainable and ethical ways a.k.a. slow fashion brands will make you a more ethical consumer.

Invest in care – You can also be an ethical consumer after you’ve purchased your products. By investing in good quality cleaning apparatus and following care instructions, you can make your clothes last longer, and lengthening time in between replacements. Good washing machines and detergents also ensure that less micro-fibres are let into the sea.

At Rawbought, we are committed to ethical and sustainable practices from the very first stitch. Head here to read more about our commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Pyjama Parties Are Not Just for Kids

Pyjama Parties Are Not Just for Kids Rawbought Je Dors Pyjama Collection for Men, Women and Kids

Growing up, pyjama parties were one of the few times we could be with our friends in a non-school setting, allowing us to forge lifelong friendships. As grownups, hanging out with our friends looks a little different – bottomless brunches, dinners, club nights and so on. Being social in public, however, can take a lot of energy, something that we might not have enough of sometimes. For the introverts, tired souls and those just looking for some hot gossip without the frills, pyjama parties are the best way to meet your friends, catch up on life and celebrate lifelong sisterhood. Here’s why we think pyjama parties are not just for kids, us adults deserve them too!

Catch Up on Life

Working adults, especially those with children, know how little time we get to ourselves. Being up to date with each other’s lives through regular texting or meetups can quite literally be impossible to organise amongst a group. Having a night in pyjamas at a friend’s place and the next morning off with your girlfriends occasionally, allows you to catch up on everything that you’ve missed in each other’s lives without having to rush.

Pick a quiet night, or rope your partner/relatives into babysitting, and make a night out of it. Especially if you’re a mum, spending some time with your friends and peers your own age will remind you of your identity outside of your household responsibilities.

Stress Relief

Having a big old rant about relationships, work drama and other inconveniences in life is extremely cathartic. Releasing your pent-up emotions will definitely make you feel a lot lighter, and less lonely about your problems, after you’ve let it all out with your girlfriends.

Need a dramatic flair or some extra laughs? Mix in a little alcohol to loosen your tongues and watch your friends show their true selves!

Strengthens Friendship

As the night progresses and everyone gets more comfortable in their pyjamas, conversations will inevitably move beyond catching up on the day-to-day lives. Secrets, fears and challenges will be shared, tears will be shed, and comfort and reassurances will be doled out in copious amounts. This shared experience is something that you will cherish in years to come and bring you closer to one another. Your bond as friends will be that much stronger, a very rare thing to come by as adults.

What Do You Need for A Pyjama Party for Adults

Planning a pyjama party with your friends? Here’s what you’ll need to make a memorable one!

Pyjamas – what’s a pyjama party without some cute PJs! Shop a wide range of styles, colours and sizes right here at Rawbought.com, there’s something for everyone!

Snacks – Listening to your girlfriends share some piping hot gossip needs some tasty snacks and finger food to go along with it. Fries, chips, candies, popcorn – something preferably easy to clean up, because who knows how the night will change!

Drinks – If you and your girl group are the types to need some liquid courage to loosen up and relax, alcohol needs to be flowing freely all through the night! Wine for the classy ones, tequila shots for the wild ones and home-made cocktails for those with a sweet tooth. Looking to avoid alcohol? Get creative and make some home-made mocktails, or keep it simple with juices and soft drinks.

Activities – Need an activity to go along with your tea-spilling session? Relive your youth with some board games, movie marathons or art jams. Cook up a storm together as amateur chefs to prepare dinner and other nosh for the night.

Most importantly, keep your phones off and just enjoy each other’s company!

The Power of Lingerie in Expressing Self-Love

The Power of Lingerie in Expressing Self-Love Rwbought Carezza Lace Lingerie Carezza Lace Bralette, Parisian Bikini Modal Robe

Lingerie has long been portrayed as either the way to attract a man or just boring innerwear for your everyday. When you wear beautiful, well-fitting lingerie, it has the power to make you confident, sexy and in love with yourself. We’ve always been told to dress up for others, but lingerie is something that you can truly wear for yourself – an inner secret glamour that adds a little pep to your step and sway in your hips. Let’s look at how power of lingerie can help you express self-love.

Lingerie Boosts Your Confidence

A bad bra or undie can ruin your whole look, and your day – not even an exaggeration. We’ve all had days spoiled by the discomfort and unease of a wonky bra strap. Well-fitting, beautiful lingerie on the other hand, gives you a boost of confidence to keep you going through the day. Lingerie that flatters and accentuates your figure can help you feel very special, even if or especially when it’s not for anyone else but yourself. It also enhances the look of your streetwear, making you feel and look good all around.

Lingerie Helps You See the Beauty in Yourself

We are our own biggest critics. We focus on flaws that no one else sees, which can make us retreat back into ourselves and lower our self-esteem. Wearing a beautiful set of lingerie for yourself can help you come out of your shell. The epiphany of seeing your natural beauty in its entirety, enhanced by beautiful lingerie can make you feel much more confident in your own skin. Wear lingerie to feel beautiful for yourself, after all, why should couples have all the fun?

Lingerie Gets You In Touch with Your Femininity

Lingerie is pretty much the epitome of femininity. Classic feminine details such as lace, satin, ribbons, pearls, bows etc. are specially crafted to make you look and feel feminine. If you’re struggling with expressing your femininity through your clothes, or are still coming to terms with your gender identity, a beautiful set of lingerie can help you reaffirm and reclaim your femininity and grace.

Some say lingerie has the power to bring men to their knees, but a truly beautiful set has the power to make you fall in love with yourself – which, in our opinion, is far more gratifying and pleasurable. Rawbought’s brand new Carezza Lace Lingerie Collection does just that. Our Lace Bralette, Parisian Bikini, Slip Dress and Modal Robe enhances your natural beauty and adds sensual allure that will make you (and your lucky partner) swoon. Shop the full collection here.