2023 Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to gift-giving, more is always merrier. While you can’t exactly order a good night’s rest online as a wrappable holiday present, we have the next best thing. For this holiday season, we’ve invited our Rawbought founders Amira, Soukaina and Boutaina Faruq to help us gather the very best presents of the year that deliver quality, style and a heaping dose of cheer.

But don’t sleep on ordering your gifts—the sooner you check them off your list, the sooner you can get some well-deserved rest too.


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The family’s youngest and Nap Queen extraordinaire, Amira, keeps it minimal and practical, making her the true embodiment of a holiday minimalist. All she wishes for Christmas is a season filled with quality time, game nights, and mouthwatering food, set to the unmistakable tunes of Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” (although she might deny it).

Your Christmas Personality:

#Selfcare Santa

“I’m either napping or eating, all in the name of self care…”

On your-wish list:

A heartfelt card goes a long way…

“What I’m most looking forward to is of course family time, it’s been a while since we’ve all been together and that’s definitely more special to me than anything material. That being said, my favourite gifts to receive are candles, flowers and food!”

Your go-to gift of 2023:

Je Dors Full Set in Pressed Rose & YUZÉ Candle in Jasmine Pink

“I call this the Sleepy Glow Long Set Gift Bundle!”

festive, christmas gifts, holiday, Christmas 2023

Check out the Sleepy Glow Long Set Gift Bundle in Pressed Rose.


Soukaina, our stylish and sophisticated middle sister, has a heart of gold when it comes to gifting. Beyond her impeccable taste, she effortlessly finds the perfect presents for her friends. When she’s not laughing away with her sisters over her niece and nephews’ antics, she’s curled up on the couch watching horror movies with a bottle of Champagne with her husband – in their Rawbought PJs of course!

Your Christmas Personality:

Santa Barbie

“Looking good and feeling good…”

On your-wish list:

Family staycation!

“I am so excited for the staycation our parents gifted us, so the whole family can be together for some cheesy family bonding.”

Your go-to gift of 2023:

Carezza Short Set in Black & SRT on Xformer™ Session at Mutiny

“I feel like it’s very comfortable but still adds a bit of sexy without having to put in the effort! I also enjoy working out at Mutiny, their classes are the best!”

Check out the Lace & Luxury Gift Bundle in Black.


Boutaina, the eldest sister and the family’s designated Santa Claus, brings warmth and thoughtfulness to every gift she gives. Her idea of a perfect night involves the simple pleasures of home – a warm fireplace, a snug blanket, and a delightful Netflix binge alongside her husband and three adorable kids.

Your Christmas Personality:

Kitchen Claus

“Boutaina’s always the one who brings the family together for a nice hearty meal.” – Amira

On your-wish list:

Candles and new experiences

“You can never have too many candles. Also, an experiential gift like a spa day or sound bath is a luxurious way for me to relax and unwind.”

Your go-to gift of 2023:

Je Dors Couple Set in Jewel Green & Float Therapy Session at Soma Haus

“The ultimate gift for my loved ones.”

Check out the Dream Couple Gift Bundle in Jewel Green.

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