5 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Cardboard Shopping Boxes

Rawbought online cardboard shopping box

Online shopping has opened the world up to us – even more so during the pandemic when much of the physical world was shut. We loved most of our purchases, didn’t like some and regretted the rest. One thing is for sure though: we accumulated a lot of packaging. Envelopes, poly mailers, cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes – online shopping is a large contributor to waste. Good news though – most of them can be recycled and reused!

Our Rawbought orders are packed carefully in recyclable cardboard boxes. They are quite minimalist in design, which means that they are perfect for reusing and recycling when you need to do so. Here are some ways that you can reuse our Rawbought shopping boxes!

Storage Space

We can never enough storage space – there’s always something to be kept and hidden away. Our cardboard boxes come in a variety of sizes depending on your order, so you can use them for storing any little bits and bobs that you have lying around at home, like cables, stationary, sewing supplies etc. Our boxes are dark and sleek, which allows them to fit in easily to your home décor, no matter what it is.

Drawer Organisers made of cardboard box

Drawer Organisers

Drawers can be one of the most under-utilised storage spaces in your home. Maximise your drawer space by using drawer organisers made from cardboard boxes. All you need is a penknife to cut the boxes to your preferred lengths and a glue gun to secure the pieces together. Your stationary, kitchen or even lingerie drawers will look satisfyingly neat, and you won’t have to turn your whole wardrobe upside down just to find that missing sock.

Art Supplies

End of year school holidays are coming up and with you working from home, it can be hard to keep the little ones busy at home. Cardboard boxes make for great art supplies for excitable kids with a knack for crafting.

Our cardboard boxes are white on the inside, which provide a great canvas for kids to paint and draw on. Get great milage on your white paint and markers on the black side of our boxes as well.

Multiple cardboard boxes of different sizes make for great makeshift forts – your children can spend hours of their time and energy constructing fun structures and spinning fantastic stories.

Cat standing inside cardboard box by Rawbought

Pet Toys

Cats’ love for boxes have been well-documented on the Internet. If your cat is the typical cat that chooses to lie in boxes instead of its expensive cat bed, our boxes are the perfect size for a mid-sized cat to do so.

If you have a larger cardboard box, you can tape up the flaps and pull an old t-shirt over the opening to make a little hidey spot for them to relax in.

Thank you for making this world a better place and reducing your ecological footprint by adopting sustainable practices in your daily life.

Seedling Trays

Cardboard boxes also make great seed starters for plants in your home garden. The boxes can absorb and hold water for long periods of time, giving the seeds the necessary water to start growing. Regular watering of your cardboard seed starter will soften it enough for the seedling to push through.

Since cardboard is made of natural, decomposable material, it can also be used as mulch for your plants.