Celebrating Women in Leadership

International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on the 8th of March, is an opportunity for us to reflect on the progress we’ve made, to call for change and to celebrate the women in our lives who’ve shown courage and determination in the face of adversity. This year, we’ve chosen to highlight the resilience of women in leadership, and showcase four brilliant entrepreneurs who’ve come out of the pandemic stronger than ever. They share the lessons they’ve learnt and some thoughts on how you can become the best version of yourself every day.

Take time out for your interests outside of work

Miss Universe Singapore 2020, Bernadette Belle, chats with Rawbought on IWD

The pandemic forced all of us inside our homes for extended periods f time, transforming what was once a personal sanctuary into a space where you lived and worked with no boundaries in between. These blurred lines between your work and personal life means that extra effort needs to be made to get in touch with the creative side of yourself, shares Estee Hamid, Creative Director at Phish Digital. Reading for inspiration, playing and creating music, engaging with nature and journaling are just some of the ways Bernadette Belle, Miss Universe Singapore 2020 who’s a host, model and actress, spent her time that she carved out just for herself outside of work and other obligations. Creating or engaging in something that rewards your mind and soul is essential in keeping your mental and emotional health in check.

Unwinding with self-care

Acknowledging the stress and turbulence you’re going through is surprisingly tough. It’s important to take a conscious step back and take a break to unwind and reset.

Denies Kuar, founder of LivingDNA on the set of Rawbought's IWD campaign

Self-care doesn’t need to be an elaborate routine. Denise Kaur, Founder and Creative Director of homeware brand Living DNA, finds pockets of time during her busy day, to take a deep breath and let her mind settle before continuing with her work.

Candid shot of Daphne Tan, founder of candles of light on the set of rawbought's IWD campaign

For those looking for something more fancy, Daphne Tan, Founder of homegrown artisanal scent brand Candles of Light, recommends spending half an hour in a quiet room with a scented candle with a calming and soothing aroma that will help settle your emotions. Denise takes it a step further by putting on her favourite facemask to refresh her skin from the comfort of her home. Wearing a comfy set of pyjamas also helps lift your spirits, putting you in a good mood for bed automatically, shares Bernadette, who loves our buttery-soft Je Dors PJs.

Prioritising yourself

The fallout from the pandemic has been incredibly demanding on all of us in many ways. You might have been compelled to stretch yourself and spend your energy in difficult and uncomfortable ways for far too long, which can take a major toll on your emotional well-being. Estee shares that while it might be tough, it’s best to set clear boundaries and learn how to say no to things that can potentially have a negative effect on you. After all, if you don’t prioritise yourself, who else will?

Daphne advises to find a good balance between having time for the people in your life and your own needs. This will help you to retain your own identity and sense of worth in the long run.

Estee Hamid showing off her chess skills on the set of Rawbought's IWD campaign

Estee also shares that this pandemic has taught her to take some time to pause and appreciate her life’s journey and enjoy the moments as they happen.

While the worst of the pandemic might be over for many of us, the experience has emphasised the importance of health in a way like never before. As we get on the daily grind to take charge of our lives and achieve great things, it’s easy to put our health on the backburner in favour of seemingly “more important things”. We believe that rest and recuperation is just as important as hard work – it allows us to thrive creatively and improves our overall wellbeing.

Find the full video interviews with these incredible women on our Instagram Page. Let’s make a positive difference in the world, by starting with ourselves. Happy International Women’s Day!