Earth Day 2022: Invest in Our Planet – What Rawbought is Doing

Sustainability is the fine balance between the economy, equity and environment. As part of the fashion industry, both as a retail brand and a manufacturer, we have an added responsibility to make our best efforts to be sustainable from before and beyond the first stitch. This year’s Earth Day theme is Invest In Our Planet and we are highlighting the direct actions we are taking to achieve and exceed our sustainability goals and give back to Mother Earth in a real way.


The fashion industry has a bad rep for being one of the most polluting industries in the economy, responsible for about 8-10% of global carbon emissions and nearly 20% of wastewater. As our own manufacturers, we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint by ensuring that at least 40% of the land around our factories is covered in native, green vegetation.

We are also reducing our usage of limited natural resources such as water, by investing in efficient machinery and manufacturing practices that help us reduce our water usage by 20%.


We believe that simply reducing our negative impact on the environment is not enough, we can do more to actively give back to Mother Earth and help make a positive impact. Restoration Shalban is an ambitious in-house reforestation project undertaken by our parent company, which aims to restore the native forest species around our manufacturing facilities. Once dominated by thick Sal forests, the landscape was lost to deforestation and unplanned urbanization. Through Restoration Shalban, we want to give back to nature and showcase that nature and industrial operations can co-exist in harmony.

Specific to Rawbought’s sustainability efforts, we are also working with One Tree Planted, a charity focused on global reforestation to plant 1 tree for every pyjama set sold on our website. This also works as a way for our customers to join us in our sustainability journey.


We are also investing resources into making our existing manufacturing infrastructure more efficient to be more sustainable in the long run. We are upgrading our effluent treatment plants, that treat wastewater more efficiently. By using renewable solar energy panels and energy-efficient machinery, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions by up to 25% and electricity consumption by 20% by 2025.


Education is how we close the loop on our environmental sustainability efforts. Through continuous research, development, and training, we aim to harness the latest modern sustainability solutions.

We also take great care in crafting awareness campaigns for our employees to ensure that they are always mindful of saving electricity, water and managing waste effectively. This ensures that our LEED- certified, Platinum-rated manufacturing facilities always meet and exceed the strict global standards for sustainability.

Everyone – policymakers, companies, consumers – need to take bold, innovative actions to preserve and protect our health, our families and most importantly, Our Planet. Happy Earth Day to everyone, and hope you join and support us in our journey towards a greener and more prosperous future.