Festive Gift Guide From the Rawbought Sisters 2022

Amira and Soukaina Faruq for Rawbought festive gift guide for christmas gifting season local sleepwear and loungewear brand

One minute it’s October and you think it’s too early to start thinking about gifts for the holiday season; the next, it’s December and you’re frantically scrolling and scrambling, trying to get meaningful gifts for everyone, delivered to you in time for your Christmas parties. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! The Rawbought sisters have picked some of their ultimate favourite items that they would gift (and love to receive!) for a comfy, cosy holiday season this year. Here’s the Festive Gift Guide from the Rawbought Sisters!

Amira – For the Homebody

Je Dors Collection sleepwear and pyjamas for festive season burgundy and snowflake print with tencel silk piping

Number 1 on my list is obviously Rawbought PJs! Our signature Je Dors Collection is my absolute favourite, and I have spent many a day lounging around at home in the Short & Full Sets. The rich Burgundy hue is a very special festive launch that will make the best gift for the ones that cheer for cancelled plans.

Glowfully Skin H2O Jelly face masks and Art therapy colouring book for the homebody gift guide

I’ve been very into skincare lately and local skincare brand Glowfully Skin has been an amazing recent discovery. Their H2O Jelly Masks are ultra-moisturizing and it’s great for a quick pick-me-up for my skin after a day out. It’s a good quick gift for someone looking to up their skincare game!

I’ve also been looking for digital detox activities to give my eyes and brain a rest from screens, and adult colouring books have been a surprisingly great addition to my wind-down routine! It’s a good gift for those looking to improve their attention spans, and reduce their screentime before bed-time.

Soukaina – For the Sophisticated Lady

This year has been about finally getting into ‘adulting’ mode, and nothing says ‘I’m a grown up’ more than enjoying the finer things in life.

Carezza Lace Short Set in Burgundy and Carezza Lace Modal robe with TENCEL Silk sash for festive gift guide for the sophisticated lady

My favourite thing to lounge around in has to be the Carezza Lace Collection – whether it’s the Short Set or the Lace Modal Robe. So if your gift list has someone who’s looking to ‘grow up’, the Carezza Lace Collection is one to go for!

The Floral Atelier  Bloom Box and Bonbons for the lollipop treats for the festive season

Flowers instantly improve my mood, and are a great way to let people know that you’re thinking of them in this festive season. The Bloom Box from The Floral Atelier makes for great fuss-free gifts for acquaintances and loved ones alike to make their day. The Floral Atelier’s new Bonbons are also very cute festive treats for the whole family, with a good mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic lollipop flavours.

Like Saturdays silk pillowcases and scrunchies and other sleep accessories

Silk products have always been a favourite of mine, and local brand Like Saturdays have an amazing collection of silk sleep accessories that I love! From silk pillowcases to scrunchies, they make for great gifts for those looking to upgrade their night-time routines!

Boutaina – For the Multi-Tasking Maverick

Every day is an adventure when you’re juggling your duties as a business owner and a mum of three under 10! Anything that makes me forget that I’m wearing it and gives me one less thing to think about  – I’m a fan.

Rawbought Daydream Collection loungewear for multitasking festive gift guide and Fitted Henley top for ladies and men

Our new Daydream Loungewear Collection is a dream gift for me, with pieces that I can dash out of the house for quick errands in, and still make me look and feel comfortable in. My favourite is the Daydream Fitted Henley Top, a truly versatile top that wraps me in absolute comfort all day and night.

Soma Haus float therapy and sound bath for mums and good sleep

A moment to myself during the day can be a luxury, and it’s one that I’m sure parents everywhere crave, especially during the holiday season. Soma Haus, a beautiful wellness space, has non-invasive self-treatments like sound baths and float therapies that help you relax and unwind. One of their sessions would make a for a much-appreciated thoughtful gift for a multi-tasking parent.

Apple 3 in 1 charger for festive gifting season

I love my gadgets – phone, AirPods, iPad, laptops and watches – but I hate the mess that comes with the individual charging cables. The Apple 3-in-1 charging pad is fantastic gift for those who are not fans of cables and the clutter they cause!