From Concept to Store – the attention to detail at Rawbought

No detail is too small for us, as we believe in delivering quality, authenticity and care at every step. Our core principles of ethical production and sustainable practices that have guided our 25+ years in apparel manufacturing also serve as strong foundations for Rawbought. Being transparent about where we and our products come from is our way of giving our customers assurance of our quality and core values.

Here’s a peek into how we go from concept to store at Rawbought

Rawbought Je Dors signature collection, sleepshirt in light pink

Research & Inspiration

Growing up in a family of three sisters where the female perspective took centre stage taught us that our voices, and those of women all over the world should be heard, loud and clear. At Rawbought, we draw inspiration from our own experiences and from our deep conversations with everyday women around us. Building a high level of trust and comfort with our customers also allow them to freely express what they truly need and desire.

We then distil those experiences and stories through the lens of Rawbought, to see how we can make a difference while staying true to our vision and ethos.

Design Development

Rawbought is an extension of our personalities. All three of us have our own definitions of sleep and comfort, not to mention our vastly differing tastes in style. The 11-year age gap between us allows us to relate to a wide range of audiences.

This makes our design development process a truly iterative one, where we keep testing and refining each concept and its elements to ensure that only the strongest ones are kept.

We explore many different styles, fits, fabrics and colours to find the perfect combinations that reflect us the best. Every style we offer is fitted, tested and signed off by each one of us.

Bossy pink and light pink sleepshirt in Je Dors collection by Rawbought sleepwear


We pride ourselves on the uncompromised quality we offer at every stage of the production process. We own the manufacturing bases that produce our designs, which allow us to control and ensure the quality of each and every piece.

As part of the fashion industry, we’re conscious of the environmental and socio-economic impact it has on the world. We’re constantly striving to employ sustainable and ethical methods of production, from materials to manpower. Our factories are LEED-certified, and regularly audited to ensure best practices are followed.

We’ve always believed in treating our employees fairly, as we want them to feel as empowered as our customers.

Quality Check

Our deep experience in the manufacturing industry has given all three of us a keen eye when it comes to quality checks. As we pour so much of ourselves into our designs, we’re that much more motivated to ensure that each piece is made to perfection without defects, and is ready to be handed over to our customers.

At the end of the day, we want to be able to share what we love and cherish with the world – in the best way possible, for both your comfort and ours.