How Often Should You Wash Your Pyjamas

As a society, we have more or less come to a universal agreement on how often our clothes need to be washed between wears. Undergarments like lingerie and socks are washed after every use, streetwear tops can be worn a couple of times consecutively, and jeans can go longer than that between washings. What about pyjamas? They are in their own unique category, worn daily but indoors and for a non-rigorous activity. Not everyone agrees on how often you should wash your pyjamas.

Some people group pyjamas with lingerie and recommend washing after every use, since they are in contact with most of your skin and your intimate regions. Others argue that those people who take a shower before bed are clean enough for their pyjamas to go a few days before needing to be washed. On one hand, we do still secrete natural body oils, shed dead skin, and can even sweat while asleep – making washing your pyjamas after every 1-2 wears more hygienic. On the flip side, it can be impractical and more expensive in the long run, especially when the cost of laundry, replacement and impact to the environment are considered. While most experts recommend washing your pyjamas after every 3-4 wears, we feel it truly depends on your environment and habits. Let’s look at who can get away with washing their pyjamas after every 3-4 wears, and who are better off washing them more regularly.

Wash after 1-2 wears

If you live in a warm climate, are a hot sleeper or prefer to sleep in a warmer environment e.g. non-airconditioned bedroom, you’re more likely to sweat while asleep. Your natural body oil, dead skin, residue from your skin/bodycare products can build up on your pyjamas and attract bacteria if not washed regularly.

If you are the type to wear only one layer to bed i.e. go commando under your pyjamas, we’d recommend you to wear freshly washed pyjamas to bed to protect your intimate regions. If you have a needy pet who likes to snuggle up beside you in bed, you’re better off washing your pyjamas after every wear.

New mums and those who like to stay in their pyjamas all day and night should wash their pyjamas more regularly. You have a higher chance of leaking or dirtying your pyjamas by spilling something on it.

Wash after 3-4 wears

During the colder winter months, or if you regularly sleep in air-conditioned rooms, or during , you’re less likely to sweat through the night. Those who wear their PJs as a second layer i.e. over underwear, can also squeeze in a couple more wears before washing their pyjamas.

If you’re looking to extend the life of your pyjamas by reducing the number of washes, ensure that you are wearing them only at night, after a shower. Invest in pyjamas that are made of good quality fabrics that are both sustainable and resilient.

At the end of the day, you’re safe to wash your pyjamas every 2-4 wears. Consider your personal habits like whether you shower before you sleep, how much you sweat when you sleep and what your pyjamas are made of. General rule of thumb is to not go too long between washes, as your sleep quality can be affected negatively by your sleepwear as well.