How to care for your Carezza PJs

Lace has been the epitome of romance, grace and sensuality for centuries. Its delicate openwork patterns give you a wonderfully feminine look as they sit lightly on your skin.

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Usually made out of cotton, linen, nylon or rayon, lace fabric is airy and breathable – perfect for lingerie and sleepwear.

Due to its intricate patterns and fragile threads, lace is a fabric has to be handled with utmost care. Usually, one has to use high-quality soap and delicate handwashing and drying techniques in order to ensure the longevity of your lace apparel and appliques.

Carezza Collection

Our Carezza Lace Collection is made out of buttery-soft modal fabric, including the delicate lace trimmings that adorn the sleeves and shorts. As it is a semi-synthetic material that is far more durable than regular lace fabric, our lace PJs are a breeze to care for.

Caring for Carezza

The Carezza Lace Collection does not need to be dry cleaned and can be washed and tumbled dried as usual in washing machines. The durability of modal fabric allows it to resist shrinkage and takes colour well, allowing your lace PJs to look and feel as good as new for longer.

Ensure that your Carezza PJs are not washed with apparel that have hooks or sharp elements, to avoid snagging the lace trimmings.

Bleaching and ironing is not recommended as it can weaken the fabric and shorten the lifespan of your PJs.

Dial up the romance all-year round in our romantic Carezza Collection today.