How to choose the best pyjamas for expecting mothers

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Pregnancy is one of, if not the most mind-blowing thing a human body is able to undergo. Keeping the mother comfortable, safe and happy throughout is extremely important for a healthy pregnancy and baby. One of the ways to do so is through the pyjamas you wear during your pregnancy and beyond. Sleep is a precious commodity throughout motherhood, so you should make sure whatever little sleep you’re getting is of the highest quality. Here’s how you can choose the best pyjamas for expecting mothers, for every stage of pregnancy.

1st trimester

You’re not feeling too different at this stage, maybe a little warmer than usual. Morning sickness might be around the corner and you’ll be craving some wild combinations of flavours. Your body still looks and feels the same as before, so it’s a good time for you to start shopping comfort-first. Soft waistbands that don’t dig into your waist, stretchy yet soft fabric that can grow with you are some of the considerations when choosing the best pyjamas for when you’re expecting.

2nd trimester

This is when your body undergoes the most changes. Your belly will start to expand between month 3 to month 6. You might not be able to recognise yourself in the mirror, which is perfectly normal. It is a huge struggle for most women to embrace their new bodies, but you’re not alone. Be open with your partner about your feelings and don’t be ashamed in indulging in things that make you feel good about yourself. Dress up your growing baby bump in beautiful clothes and elegant pyjamas that can make the discomfort feel a bit better.

Short sleeved or sleeveless pyjama shirts made of breathable fabric provide the ventilation that is much needed at this stage of the pregnancy as you can get hot throughout the night. Remember to wear your pyjama pants or shorts below the bump so that there’s no pressure on your belly.

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3rd trimester

This is by far the most uncomfortable stage of your pregnancy. Your bump is huge, you can’t see your toes anymore and getting up from bed to head the washroom 5 times an hour is the most energy you can spend at any one time. You’re almost constantly sweating and can’t turn over to your side while sleeping anymore.

Sleepshirts and oversized tees are by far the most popular style of pyjamas for expecting mothers at this stage of their pregnancy. They are well-ventilated without the restrictions of waistbands, and most importantly, make it easy to visit the washroom.


This is when the real work begins. The next few weeks need you to focus on healing your body and feeding the precious new life that you’ve given birth to. You will probably not be heading out any time soon, and spending most of your time lying down at home as you recover. It’s important to wear clothes and pyjamas that are conducive for breastfeeding, keeping cool yet comfortable during your confinement period, soft for the baby’s sensitive skin and that are easy to clean, for inevitable spitups and accidents.

Modal fabric is, in our (mostly unbiased) opinion, the most ideal fabric for pregnancy and postpartum sleepwear. It is incredibly buttery-soft on the skin, very lightweight and breathable. It is also temperature-regulating, allowing you to sleep in absolute comfort no matter how hot or cold you get in the night. Modal is also very easy to maintain and long-lasting – machine-washable without pilling.

If you’re an expectant mum or know anyone who is expecting, beautiful yet comfortable pyjamas are the best gift to take on the journey to motherhood. Stay beautiful and comfy, mamas!