Is it healthier to sleep in pyjamas or in the nude? – Our (mostly) unbiased opinion!

Is it healthier to sleep in pyjamas or in the nude? Our mostly unbiased opinion!

There’s nothing quite as personal as sleeping. Everyone has their own unique quirks, from bed-time rituals to sleeping positions – and what we wear to bed. Some love a good pair of comfy pyjamas while others swear by going au naturel for more freedom. So, how do they fare against each other, and which one helps you get the best night’s sleep? We offer our (mostly) unbiased opinion on whether it’s healthier to sleep in pyjamas or in the nude!


In the tropical regions, nights can get warm and balmy during the summer. Sleeping in the nude helps your body remain cool and not be overheated during the night. After all, lower temperatures are more conducive for better sleep! Sleeping in the nude can also make you feel free without any constriction. On the other hand, sleeping in the nude can leave you exposed to the changing elements, and you might end up being too cold instead, disrupting your sleep and even leading you to fall sick.

If you’re the type to keep cool and be free while asleep but don’t want to get too cold, sleeping in temperature-regulating fabric like modal and bamboo can help to strike that balance.  

Infection & Hygiene

Tropical days and nights can get very hot and humid and keeping ourselves clean and dry can be a Herculean task. Sleeping in the nude can help to reduce the risk of infection in our sensitive areas by “airing” them and keeping them dry.

However, sleeping without clothes leaves completely exposed to germs and bacteria that live on your bed linen and accessories. Ensure that you have high quality anti-bacterial bed linen and regularly wash your sheets to reduce the risk. If you have pets, you might want to stop them from climbing into bed with you or restrict them from stepping on your bed when you’re not on it to keep it clean.

Wearing pyjamas made of breathable material like modal or cotton provide a safe barrier between your sensitive organs and bacteria. However, you must also make sure that your body is sufficiently dry throughout the night and that the pyjamas are sufficiently loose and relaxed for enough air flow.


Freedom from clothes, freedom from inhibitions. Sleeping in the nude gives you skin-on-skin contact with your partner and can help you feel more open to love and intimacy with them. It’s even touted as one of the key secrets to a happy relationship!

Make sure you have a lock on your door if you have children, other family members, or a very demanding pet living in the same house – we don’t want any accidents!

If you’re still not ready to be completely naked in bed – wearing a cute pair of pyjamas or some sexy lingerie can help set the mood for love and intimacy how you need it.

In conclusion, as a sleepwear brand, we may very well be biased in saying that sleeping in pyjamas is the best and healthiest choice for you, but there is no “correct” way to sleep. It’s all a matter of preference, and at the end of the day, you should do what you need to for a good night’s sleep.