Lace, The Epitome of Romance

Lace, the fabric that embodies elegance, femininity and romance in every thread. Lace can effortlessly make a style statement; no matter what you’re wearing, lace immediately elevates your look, and makes you feel delicate and beautiful from within. 

Rawbought Carezza Lace Collection in black. For Journal, Lace, the Epitome of Romanced.


Lace has played a critical role in fashion ever since its origins in the 16th century. It has a unique web-like pattern made from yarn or thread, with a distinct web-like open pattern.

Lace has historically represented class and beauty ever since it rose to popularity, because of the amount of time, effort and precision that it took to produce this delicate fabric. This made it a very expensive fabric, made and worn only by royalty in the past.

While technological advancements have made this textile more accessible and ubiquitous, the luxurious feel and look has not diminished one bit.

Benefits of Lace

Lace is timeless. It looks stunning and romantic both on its own and as appliques and statement elements on apparel. It’s also a wonderfully versatile fabric, an ideal choice for both formal and casual clothes, inner and outer wear.

Lace is also an airy and breathable fabric usually made out of cotton, linen, nylon or rayon. Its openwork patterns give it a light texture that sits softly on your skin.

Uses of Lace

Sheer and delicate, lace evokes romance, grace and sensuality that never goes out of style. Hence, the fabric is usually used in typically feminine apparel such as wedding gowns, lingerie and even sleepwear, for those who like a little more flair.

The Carezza Set

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