Modal, the best fabric for a good night’s sleep

Full-body comfort is absolutely key to a good night’s sleep, and your pyjamas, especially the fabric, play a more important role than you think in your sleep experience. The warmer Asian climates call for soft, lightweight and breathable material for sleepwear, such as cotton and, more popularly, modal.

Used in our signature Je Dors sleepwear collection, modal is a wonder fabric that has revolutionised the fashion industry with its lightweight yet durable nature.

What is Modal?

Modal is a semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp, used primarily for clothing such as underwear and sleepwear. It is a form of rayon, though more durable and flexible than its original counterpart.

Modal is widely considered to be an eco-friendlier alternative to cotton as beech trees do not need as much water to grow, greatly lowering the environmental impact (so you can sleep guilt-free).

Luxuriously soft, silky smooth, heaven on the skin, and more – all ways that women have described our modal pyjamas that have changed their sleep experience forever.

Benefits of modal

Modal is extremely breathable and doesn’t retain heat. Perfect for warmer climates or for women who run a little hotter. Modal sleepwear supports our natural thermal regulation processes, allowing you to sleep through the night in comfort. Its absorbency also ensures that fewer bacteria is collected, making it a more hygienic fabric compared to its cotton counterparts. 

Modal fabric also stands the test of time. Its semi-synthetic nature allows it to resist shrinkage and take colour well, letting colours show up vibrantly with a silky sheen. So, even after repeated washing and drying, your modal pyjamas will look and feel as good as new. 

The beautiful pyjamas from our Je Dors collection are a blend of modal and nylon, which gives them a flattering drape that fits any body type, without being too tightly uncomfortable or too loose and unshapely. 

Caring for Modal

Modal is a simple fabric to care for, no fuss. Your modal pyjamas can be washed as usual in washing machines, and tumble dried as per your convenience. Bleach is not recommended as it can weaken the fabric and shorten its lifespan.

For your Je Dors Pyjamas, please check the care instructions on the back of the label for further details. Step into ultimate comfort when you wear the Je Dors collection to bed – trust us, you will sleep better. 

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