Stay Home Guide for Lockdown Weekends by Amira Faruq

Stay Home Guide for Lockdown Weekends by Amira Faruq Watching Netflix

Snap lockdowns are becoming more commonplace around the world, as we try to outrun this virus and get used to a new normal. These shorter lockdowns can leave us feeling frustrated, especially when you’ve “tasted freedom” and are asked to get back into lockdown mode. This means that we have to get creative with what we can do at home. I’ve compiled a stay-home guide with some of my own recommendations, perfect for those that need some inspiration for things to do on weekends during lockdowns.

Expand your tastes with some indie flavours

Binging Netflix was a huge part of our collective pandemic experience last year. As the months went on though, I felt like I had “finished” watching everything that I wanted to on Netflix and Disney+ and was all caught up on the popular shows and movies.

Nowadays, I actively look for obscure documentaries, local films and interesting podcasts that catch my attention. I’m a huge fan of true crime, and I can’t recommend the docuseries “Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon A Crime” enough! It’s about a woman who murdered her husband in cold blood, a case that shocked Brazil when it came to light. Though it wasn’t in English, I really loved how it was put together and it had me at the edge of my seat the whole way through.

I usually listen to podcasts as I’m multitasking around the house and I’m really loving “The Double Cleanse” hosted by James and Robert Welsh, a twin pair of YouTubers who specialise in skincare and make up. I’m hugely passionate about both of those topics so I really look forward to their recommendations every week. The thing I love most about them however is their hilarious sibling banter, it reminds me a lot of my own relationship with my sisters, so it’s a lot of fun to hear them chat.

Go Hard(back) on Reading

I’ve recently started to appreciate the beauty of reading from physical books on weekends. It gives my eyes a break from the screens and the weight of the book just feels great in my hands. At the end of my day, I usually have had enough of real life, so I like to curl up on the couch with a good crime or thriller novel to wind down and relax. The book I’m currently reading is called The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell, a psychological thriller that is super captivating.

Workout from Home

Lockdowns usually mean that gyms are closed or heavily restricted. Keeping up your momentum for any fitness goals you might have for the year is very important and these lockdowns can disrupt that. In my experience, most gyms and personal trainers have very quickly adapted to this and regularly conduct “workout-alongs” on Zoom for those who are looking to continue working out from home.

If you’re looking for something a little different, I personally would recommend joining Les Mills, an online platform that brings together fitness instructors and workouts from all over the world and lets you stream workouts direct to your living room TV. They offer a huge range of workout options that cater to different fitness levels. My personal favourite is the BodyCombat class, a hybrid between martial arts and cardio that doesn’t require any special equipment and is a lot of fun!

Get Organising

Revenge shopping is a huge phenomenon that sweeping the world where people are making for lost time by overindulging in retail therapy. However, it’s not very sustainable and in most cases, you will find yourself not using or wearing what you bought.

Lockdowns and stay-home times are a great time for you to take stock of the things in your house and do a spring clean. A rule I’ve learnt from my sister Boutaina is that anything that I haven’t reached for in more than 6-8 months probably isn’t needed in the house. Your future self will thank you the next time you need to find something and you don’t have to dig through everything you have for it.

Treat Yourself

As much as we have gotten used to it, we should remember that we’re still in the middle of a global crisis. It is still a highly stressful time and you should cut yourself some slack if you find that you’re not coping well. You shouldn’t feel guilty for giving yourself a short break from the crisis.  

It can look like sending your kids to the kids to their grandparents for a staycation, ordering in from your favourite restaurant, working on your personal projects in your own time or just a weekend of doing absolutely nothing and letting your mind heal and refresh.