Our years of experience in apparel manufacturing has allowed us to witness first-hand the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet and society. We want to do better. By aligning ourselves with environmental and social sustainability goals, we are making the commitment to doing our part to reduce the impact our brand and the larger industry has on our planet and society.

At Rawbought, we own the entire production chain – from design to production to sale. This offers us the freedom to only work with trusted partners who share our values and passion at every step. Being our own manufacturers also enables us to pivot quickly and implement new sustainability strategies when we have to, allowing us to make more significant contributions to the fashion industry’s collective sustainability goals.

With our headquarters and factories located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, our parent company shares our strong values and beliefs of sustainable consumption. As such, every aspect of our operations – from design to delivery – incorporates environmental and social sustainable practices as much as possible.

Our Environmental Responsibility


Comfort never goes out of style – which is why we create timeless and versatile designs that can sell throughout the year, instead of pandering to fleeting trends.

We believe a well-made product goes a long way – hence we aim to source for high quality and sustainable materials that will give you the best of form and function for a lifetime.  

By producing small quantities, we reduce wastage at our factories and encourage more sustainable consumption. 

We also plan to repurpose deadstock and excess fabric to make other products in order to reduce wastage. 


We recognise that the production process of apparel can have a significant impact on the environment. Hence, we want to ensure that our factories are consciously built, and have implemented responsible production practices in order to minimise our impact.

All our factories are LEED-certified with Gold and Platinum ratings – they were graded on key environmental factors such as energy efficiency, water usage, air quality, building materials and responsible land use. Our factories have achieved >60% in the Higg FEM verification of the environmental performance of our facilities, allowing us to scale our sustainability improvements.

Learn more about LEED and the Higg Index.


Recycling is one of our key strategies to reduce our impact on the environment. Our factories use recycled materials in our manufacturing processes and products, allowing us to meet international RCS and GRS criteria for certification.

Our factories also aim to be 100% MRSL compliant by the end of 2021, where we adhere strictly to limits on restricted substances in chemical formulation in our manufacturing processes.

As of 2021, we have achieved a 35% reduction of water used and 20% reduction in CO2 in our factories, through the implementation of more sustainable manufacturing practices.

Learn more about the RCS, GRS and MRSL certifications.

Our Social Responsibility

Ethical Production

As a family-owned business, we take pride in ensuring the health and prosperity of all our employees through fair wages and safe working conditions.

Our factories in Bangladesh are Higg FSLM, SA8000, SMETA and BetterWork certified – which assess our efforts in promoting ethical and safe working conditions for all our employees.

Learn more about our various sustainability certifications.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that everyone deserves to feel seen, heard and represented. Our diverse team is made up of talented professionals across all ages and backgrounds from Singapore, UK and Bangladesh, enabling us to gain unique perspectives as we work seamlessly together. 

As a brand founded by women, we believe in empowering women to reach their fullest potential. Women make up the majority of our team across all aspects of our business and operations such as leadership, design, production and more.

As part of our broader workplace inclusion goals, we also aim to empower employees with disabilities and from minority communities with professional and personal development skills to enable them to thrive in their careers. 

Our sustainability efforts do not end here. We are constantly striving to do better to work towards building a brand that can be a driving force for environmental and social sustainability in the industry. We hope you will join us as we walk this journey towards a more sustainable future.