Why Modal Pyjamas are Best for the Summer

All-day air-conditioning, choking humidity and stuffy nights – the typical Singaporean summer, especially in our hottest months of May to August. Night-time comfort in our equatorial climate looks like thin, airy pyjamas made of breathable fabric that allows heat to escape easily. Modal is one such fabric that is best for tropical summers, guaranteed to give you the full-body comfort that you so need. Let’s take a look at the reasons why modal pyjamas are best for the summer.

Je Dors Full Set in Chalky Blue, Modal Pyjamas by Rawbought

Modal is Breathable

The semi-synthetic nature of the modal fabric allows heat to escape from your skin to the air easily, preventing heat retention in your body. This helps keep you cool during warm summer nights, especially for those of us who naturally run a little hotter. Modal pyjamas can help in regulating your body temperature throughout the night, ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep in maximum comfort.

Modal is Absorbent

Modal is 50% more absorbent than pure cotton fabrics, due to the nature of its blend. It also helps wick away moisture from your body, ensuring lasting comfort and ease. Its absorbency also ensures that fewer bacteria is collected, making it a more hygienic fabric compared to its cotton counterparts. This makes modal pyjamas perfect for both day-time lounging and night-time rest.

Modal is Buttery Soft

Modal fabric is known to be extremely soft and cool to the touch. Our Je Dors and Carezza Collections made of a modal-nylon blend feel like heaven on your skin, even after repeated washing and drying. Keep cool and feel luxurious this summer in our favourite modal pyjamas.

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