Why Rawbought Pyjamas are Great For New Mums

Model in Rawbought Je Dors Signature Collection Full Set Pyjamas in Black for article about Why Rawbought Pyjamas are Great for New Mums

The first few months of your motherhood journey will most likely be spent at home, looking after the precious new life that you are now suddenly responsible for. Nursing will be your number one priority for the first few months and it’s important that you find a convenient and comfortable way to do so. A great set of pyjamas that you’ll pretty much be living in day and night will do wonders for you physically and even mentally. Here are some reasons why Rawbought’s sleepwear collections are great for new mums. 

Modal Fabric is Buttery Soft

Your body post-pregnancy and childbirth will be a hot mess of hormones and sensitivity. You’ll be craving for comfort where you can get it, and that’s where we come in. Rawbought’s Je Dors and Carezza Lace Collections are made of our signature modal, a semi-synthetic fabric that is buttery-soft and lightweight. It feels extremely smooth on your skin and soothes any sensitivity that you may be feeling, especially during nursing.

Your baby will be attached to you pretty much 24/7 for the first few months of their life so it’s important for your clothes to also feel good against their fragile skin.

Pyjamas are Convenient for Nursing

Nursing will take up majority of your time all day and night for new-born babies who will need to be fed every 2-3 hours. Your top should give your baby easy access for them to latch on as and when they need to, ideally without you having to take it off. Your regular crew-necked T-shirts might not be the most convenient for you to lift and adjust single-handedly, especially during exhausting night feeds.

Our pyjama tops and sleepshirts have low and wide necklines that can be pulled down for easy breastfeeding. Our buttons are also the perfect size for you to button and unbutton single-handedly when you need to breast feed.

Modal Fabric is Temperature Regulating

Your hormones post-birth will still be as chaotic, if not more, as when you were pregnant, as your body adjusts to your new form. For many, it looks like excessive sweating and hot flashes. Wearing clothes that are breathable is absolutely essential to ensuring your comfort.

Rawbought’s pyjamas are perfect for those who run a little hotter, as the modal fabric is light, breathable and temperature regulating. Our modal sleepwear also wicks moisture away from your body, allowing you to stay cool and dry, especially when you’re nursing with your baby in your arms.

Model in Rawbought Je Dors Signature Collection Full Set Pyjamas in Black for article about Why Rawbought Pyjamas are Great for New Mums

Pyjamas Have a Flattering Fit

Your body post-pregnancy can look like a stranger’s – after all, you’ve grown a whole new human in there! It’s normal to feel some anxiety and unhappiness over how you look, but you should also take deliberate measures to make yourself feel good about your body.

Our sleepwear and loungewear are designed with both style and comfort in mind. They give you a flattering drape, being both comfortably loose but not shapeless. Our Carezza pyjamas also have romantic lace trims that evoke romance and femininity, while giving you great comfort. Rawbought’s sleepwear also come in a wide range of colours that can bring a little cheer to your day when you look in the mirror.

There’s absolutely no shame in looking to clothes to help you look and subsequently feel better during this confusing and overwhelming period of motherhood.

Pyjama Bottoms Have Soft Elastic Bands

As your body adjusts back to its pre-pregnancy state after childbirth, you will start to see your shape change. Your post-pregnancy clothes need to be able to accommodate your body’s changes, with soft and adjustable bands.

Our Je Dors and Carezza Lace pyjama bottoms are sufficiently stretchy and sit comfortably at your waist and hips respectively. They have soft elastic bands that do not dig tight into your skin. If you’re in between sizes, our Reika Lounge Shorts have drawstrings that you can adjust to your preference.

Pyjamas are Easy to Wash

From leaks to baby spit-ups, your clothes are usually the first to fall victim to the messiness of motherhood. They need to be easy to wash while retaining their colour and shape after frequent washing.

Rawbought’s pyjamas are very easy to maintain and can last you a long time. You can throw them in the washing machine on the cold cycle and have them ready to wear in a short while.

The early breastfeeding days can take quite a toll on you both physically and mentally. It’s important for you to find anything – like a comfortable pair of pyjamas – that can help give you a boost that you need to keep you going when you’re at your lowest.

Your baby will be happy when you’re happy. So go forth, treat yourself to comfort, you deserve it.